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Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Sun Apr 10 22:40:54 PDT 2005

*Report On The **4/10/05***
*UCSC, Porter College Field*
*SUMMARY:*  This single-day event was a heavy-fighting tourney (three 
entrants) and potluck picnic-on-the-green, with several boffer-battle 
scenarios enacted afterward.  Although only 14 people officially 
attended, more than 20 passers-by stopped to watch the tourney. 
Reporters from the Banana Slug News -- the news broadcast for SCTV, UC 
Santa Cruz's student-run cable television channel - filmed both the 
tourney and interviews with members of the populace.  They say the 
story/footage will air on UCSC's campus cable television Channel 28 in 
Episode #13, in approximately 2 weeks.  Their website 
(http://www.bsn28.org/) has an archive from which the rest of us may 
download and view the episode after afterwards.
*SPECIAL THANKS *from the autocrats to Rhys Gethin, for his expert 
handling of the demo presentation to the public, the Kates for provided 
such wonderfully fun enemies, and everyone else whose efforts made this 
event possible.
* *
*TOURNEY RESULTS:*  There were three competitors.  Awards were as 

    * *College of St. David's Champion:*  For the next year, Dammit Don
      Blitzenstein (Don Nurge) will act as our representative,
      exemplifying St. David'sness in both the SCA and mundane worlds;
      someone to issue colorful challenges of war on behalf of the
      college, lead us into battle, and escort the Seneschal during
      delivery of St. David's tax payments to the appropriate pointy
      hat(s).  He was chosen by a combination of Rite of Combat and
      Gallery Approval.
    * *Champion's 2^nd :*  Rhys Gethin (Rhys Moore) will step in should
      our reigning Champion be unable to perform his duties.
    * *Tourney Winner:*  Justin Thomason (Justin Taylor) won the most
      bouts of combat during the tourney.
    * *Most Chivalrous:*  Rhys Gethin.
    * *Most Entertaining "Death":*  Justin Thomason.

*FUNDS RAISED:*  There was no site fee, but the College received $17.00 
in donations and 10 cents in pun taxes.  Total funds raised:  $17.10.
*AUTOCRATS:*   Henrico di Firenze (Ryan Reynard) P.O. Box 299 / Felton 
CA 95018 / 831-359-8303 / enricodifirenze at sbcglobal.net 
<mailto:enricodifirenze at sbcglobal.net>, and Cassandra Rossignol  (Alena 
Giguette) 390 Deer Run Road / Felton CA 95018 / 831-335-7725 / 
cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net <mailto:cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net>.
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