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This is one of our own. Shall we kick in as well? I'll be glad to be a
collection point for Darkwood.


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Date: Sun, October 17, 2004 10:18 pm
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One of our Westies, CPL Justin Newport - of the Mists, currently
deployed to Iraq, is charged with trying to secure school supplies for
the kids in the school that they are helping to rebuild and resupply.
They are looking for notebooks, pencils, drawing paper, crayons, colored
pencils, erasers, folders, writing notebook paper. rulers, wall posters
(school oriented best), scissors, etc. If your group would like to
support them with a box or two, please send it to:

C/1-185AR 81st BDE
Camp Cedar II
APO AE 09331

or contact me offline and I'll help you contact Justin directly. I have
pictures of the school the National Guard unit out of our area is

Lets show them what Westies are made of! If you want to bring things to
Gather on Wednesday, I'll make sure Justin gets them!

In service to the dream,
Lady Elizabeth Margarete
(Shari Damkier 916-966-5504)

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