[Darkwood-SCA] Announcing the new Darkwood Choir

Anne of MDR anneofmdr at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 22 18:14:16 PST 2004

1. Anne of Montaigne du Roi

2. I'm on the Darkwood List, and you can reach me by emailing anneofmdr at
sbcglobal dot net
3. I am NOT available Monday or Tuesday evenings at the moment.  Tuesday's
will never change for me (boy scouts for the boys), the Monday's might.  It
will depend on when we hold the sewing nights to correspond with the MDR
fighter practice.

4. Other weekday evenings I can make...will depend on where we have the
practice that week and what days off Ken will have when he does his shift
bids in late December.  All my nights but Tuesdays are subject to change.

5. I am currently an alto, but I used to sing soprano and 2nd soprano when I
worked with a choir.  I've never worked with a choir since my voice change
to alto.  I can do tenor in a pinch.

6. I can read modern music notations and have no experience with medieval
musical notations.
7. I have sung in the choir for high school and college Opera, performed
lead and supporting roles in musicals in high school as well, and I love to
sing karaoke!
8. I can play percussion passably, and am in the process of learning the
recorder (thank you for the loan Mer!)  I can also play the flute, but do
not currently have one.  Oh I do have a metronome to help us keep the time.

Anne of MDR
Musical wannabe!

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