[Darkwood-SCA] Re: Announcing the new Darkwood Choir

natasha sherwood 13thought at care2.com
Sun Nov 21 23:01:23 PST 2004

1. Ilyana D'Avila
2. I'm on the Darkwood list, but my email is
13thought at care2.com
3. Thursdays, everything else is generally booked
(choir, choir, canton, religous, family, etc.)
4. I can occasionally swing a Friday.
5. First Soprano; my range is from first Soprano
to second Alto, but most of my training is as a
6. I can read modern music and music notation;
just got started looking over older musical
notation forms.
7. various choirs, some private voice lessons,
musical theatre. 
8. I can play bells! As long as they don't
confict with turning any pages. :)

If the meetings are scheduled for a night that I
usually cannot make it, I am more than willing to
rehearse on my own to make up for it. However, if
you would rather not have members who cannot make
it to meetings regularly, I understand.
Practicing together makes all the difference. 

-Natasha Sherwood/ Ilyana D'Avila

today's mighty oak is just yesterday's 
nut that held its ground.
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