[Darkwood-SCA] and another 12th Nite Invite

Brigit Thomas brigitgoddess at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 26 10:44:27 PST 2004

I'd also like to invite all to stop by the afterparty being thrown by myself 
and Ryli Esser (the rarely seen).  We will post the room location on the 
whiteboard as "Fencer's Row" Yes, I'm a fencer!  Hope you'll stop by 
anyway--we really are nice people! (heehee).  I would love to see my Barony 
folks grace our festivities.

Damhsa Athais Dhuit,
Happy Dancing,

(a.k.a. Jo)
"When the Game is over, the King and the Pawn go back in the same box"

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