[Darkwood-SCA] Re: [Caerdarth] Corrected A&S Schedule

Eirny Thorvaldsdottir eirny at caerdarth.org
Thu Jul 10 15:13:29 PDT 2003

>July 16th - felting by Sabrina Goldbender - Hands on - we will be getting wet!
>August 20th - hoods by Rose de la Mans
>September 17th - Shoes - patterning and historical info by Eirny 
>Thorvaldsdottir - Bring a pair of old socks that can be destroyed and a 
>roll of grey tape. If you have some paper bags, they are good for making 
>the actual paper patterns.

Thanks to Adelheid for questioning my dates! That is what I get for doing 
this sort of thing when I'm fried! Anyway, our A&S meetings are almost 
ALWAYS on the third Wednesday of the month unless we are doing some sort of 
really special, well announced, specialty project that simply cant be done 
on a weeknight. Hope to see you all there!

Eirny Thorvaldsdottir

Two things cause trouble:
the tongue is the bane of the head,
a man's fur coat hides his hands. - Hávamál

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