[Darkwood-SCA] Canton of Caer Darth A&S Schedule

Eirny Thorvaldsdottir eirny at caerdarth.org
Wed Jul 9 17:15:48 PDT 2003

Greetings All, and apologies to those who get this more than once!

We have set the next couple of A&S sessions - more decisions will be made 
at the September business meeting, so if you have any more ideas, please 
let us know. We are trying to arrange for a woodworker to come in for a 
session - he had an accident in the shop (ouch!) right before he was to 
come in the last time, so we'll try to reschedule for the fall. We also 
haven't forgotten the request for hairstyles, and head coverings (male and 
female). I actually have some good info on that myself, so we'll see what I 
can put together. Henry and I will be gone for the month of August on our 
annual Pennsic Odyssey, so we'll see if we can pick up any new references 
or good class notes there.

July 17th - felting by Sabrina Goldbender - Hands on - we will be getting wet!
August 21st - hoods by Rose de la Mans
September 18th - Shoes - patterning and historical info by Eirny 
Thorvaldsdottir - Bring a pair of old socks that can be destroyed and a 
roll of grey tape.

Yours in Service,
Eirny Thorvaldsdottir

Two things cause trouble:
the tongue is the bane of the head,
a man's fur coat hides his hands. - Hávamál

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