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Posting for a friend - please keep an eye on Ebay etc.. Currently
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This Saturday i was fighting at Antir West War on Saturday Afternoon I
suffered from a heat related injury and took my armour off on the field
prior to being treated by the chiurgeons. Following that treatment I
back to my campsite to get out of the sun. During the evening some one
my armour and a number of peoples weapons from the field. I questioned
person I know and none of them had picked my armour up and I waited at
to be
the last person to leave the site on case some one picked it up by
and was going to turn it in to lost and found. No one did turn it in and
with the other weapon disapearances at this event I can only assume it
been stolen.

TO whoever stole my armour and is sitting back laughing your head off
reading this. Let me just say that to steal an injured fighters armour
brands you as the lowest form of scum. And I strongly hope that those
value the ideals of honor in our society treat you as the cur you are.

I would greatly appriciate it if those of you with acess to other
Kingdom E
Lists could post the following and also keep an eye out for anyone
used armour in thier kingdoms:

Armour Stolen at Antir-West War July 3rd-6th (Eugene WA)

Helmet: Renstore brand lobstertail helmet, the lowest lame of the
lobstertail has been removed and the cheek pieces have been shortened.
chin strap is of brown leather and the areas of padding visable when the
helm is worn are covered with black leather.

Gorget: is of black leather lined with green foam with a black leather
lining that is peeling away, oval shaped black kydex plates are
attached to
the front and back of the gorget and are reinforced with tan saddle
on the inside

Coat of plates: blak leather with silver rivits holding 3" x 3" black
squares to the inside, the coat of plates is padded with green closed
foam on the interior. the fron of the coat of plates is extended into a
rectangular plate which hangs to the knees, this extension is padded
closed cell foam and lined with blue and gold silk in a chinese
pattern, the
shoulder straps of the armour are molded black kydex over heavy leather
are adjusted by D rings on the back of the armour. The coat of plates
lacing running up the back of the armour to secure it once it is put on.

Pauldrons: are heay blac leather cut on the pattern of the pauldrons
on page 37 illustration D of the Osprey Men at Arms series book The Age
Tamerlane. The pauldrons are rivited to the shoulder straps of the
with gold colored rivits They cover white foot ball pads (not visable
the armour is worn.

Skirt: this armour uses a skirt rather than leg armour, the skirt
of 4 large plates of black leathe with smaller kydex plate rivited to
inside with silver rivits. The plates are lined with closed cell foam
covered in the same blue and gold silk as was used on the coat of
Any time a person wearing this armour moves the silk lining is very
The four plates of the skirt are attached with black nylon webbing to a
black leather weight belt

Greeves/ Knees: Black Kydex archers knees from EGG armoury are attached
black nylon and plastic motor cross shin guards, the padding on the shin
guards goes up over the knee and is used to pad the knees, bright gren
closed cell foam is used to pad the knees above where the shin guard

Elbows/ vambraces The elbos are steel 5 lame elbows attached to steel
leather vambraces, the outside of the vambraces are steel and the inside
are3 heavy saddle leather dyed blak and reinforced with black kydex
molded to fit the curvature of the arm. the vambraces and elbows are
strapped with tane elk hide/

Hockey Gloves: Black with white lettering

If seen please contact

chrish1957920 at hotmail.com


Marius do Parthia
Patriarch of Echoing Thunder
of teh Federated Clans of Rolling Thunde

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