[brucemem] Guest List Status Report

Evan Hunt ethanol at armory.com
Thu Jan 24 14:00:09 PST 2008

> We need some original flying toaster artwork or an album cover to scan
> for potentially the program and/or the cake.  I like Brigid's idea of
> buying Costco carrot cake but maybe doing one Buttery one with the
> toaster on it to save money.

Here's a fairly good scan:

Here's the same scan with the title and band name photoshopped out, if that
would be preferable:

I could scan the CD myself and probably get higher resolution than this,
but I doubt if the medium of cake frosting provides enough detail for it to
make that much difference. :)

> Annie is not bringing the drum kit, so do we have a replacement, need
> one, or should we arrange for someone to pick it up in the East Bay?

Robert from Deth Specula is bringing a kit, and I think it'll be available
for others to play (but I'm checking).

> We have background music (courtesy of Annie- Bruce's favorite stuff) but
> we need to figure out how to get it into the sound system and/or
> downloaded into an Ipod prior to Saturday.

The sound system has extra inputs, we can hook in a CD player or an IPod
without too much trouble, I think.


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