[brucemem] Guest List Status Report

Lynn Schroeder lynnsc95060 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 11:05:00 PST 2008

Here is my report for the invite side of things:

Punchbowl site:
As of today (Thursday) there are about 335 people invited.
168 people have said they are coming.
I would expect a minimum of 200 since they are coming in at a steady
rate still.  (probably more will show up)

Other connections:
Steve Finch now has the details on the BSGallery website with a
  link to the invite.
Claire Jones is helping with some older music connections also.
People are sending around the url so new names are showing up on the
invite list, which is great.

There are some bouncing emails, some of which I have found alternates
for but others are just going by the wayside.
I am keeping a separate list of folks that Annie is telling me about
since the Punchbowl one is based on emails and they are not in there
(although I have been upping the headcount manually)

End of my report.

Here are things that I see need addressing:

Do we need someone at the door to help with sign ins or is an obvious guest book all that is needed?  (I am still leaning towards nametags but
the family prefers not to)

We need some original flying toaster artwork or an album cover to scan
for potentially the program and/or the cake.  I like Brigid's idea
of buying Costco carrot cake but maybe doing one Buttery one with the
toaster on it to save money.

Annie is not bringing the drum kit, so do we have a replacement, need
one, or should we arrange for someone to pick it up in the East Bay?

We have background music (courtesy of Annie- Bruce's favorite stuff) but
we need to figure out how to get it into the sound system and/or
downloaded into an Ipod prior to Saturday.

That's it so far....

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