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When Joni and I owned Salsas, Etc!, we would bring in 500 pounds that we would get direct from GNS Spices.  Alan kind of took over for a while until GNS wouldn't support our smaller buy.  I have been growing the Red Savinas, Bhut Jolakia, Devil's Tongue and Biker Billy Jalapenos.  I yeild about 10 pounds of each which supports my habit.  I get my seedlings every year from Cross Country Nurseries.  They have 300 or so different chiles available. 

Rob Rayment 

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> Wow, you must grow the savinas indoors.  I've been four years w/o a fresh 
> one, and will drive anywhere in the Bay Area if you'll sell 
> me a handful to take to the owners of Tastebuds Indian Restaurant, (who 
> have a hothouse in Hanford). 
> --Bill Gosper 

It seems like some BACH person used to import Red Savinas to the 
Bay Area sometime back. I could misremember, 

Another I would like to be able to get fresh is Barkers from NM. 

Jim Mehl 

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