[Bach] Bay Area Red Savina Group Buy's Pick Up starts Saturday, Sept. 18th

Art Pierce pierces at cruzio.com
Thu Sep 9 15:41:23 PDT 2004

Hi Chile-Heads,

No, you haven't missed out on anything, this is the first notice. I'll 
post it also on 9/10 => 9/17 to Chile-Heads-Digest to make sure 
irregular readers have more of a chance to join in.

I'm fronting this with my own money for 300 lbs., first come, first 
serve. If  I don't sell at least 200 lbs. to recover my costs - the rest 
goes to Grey Bears - I'm turning this group buy over a year early to 
Scott and Allen in 2005 instead of in 2006 when I retire up to Oroville, CA.

The orders will be available in 5-lb. boxes. at $15/box.

I will accommodate smaller orders on weekends only. You'll have to call 
Grey Bears to see if they'll sell less than 5-lb. increments during the 

The website at Bay Area Red Savinas by Art Pierce 
<http://www.allenlee.com/hotshop/> is not working correctly right now, 
so just bring cash or a check made out to Art Pierce
to Grey Bears and pick up your red savinas.

Grey Bears
2710 Chanticleer Ave
Santa Cruz, CA
Location Map:

The chiles will be ready to be picked up 10 AM =>3 PM Saturday & Sunday, 
8:30 AM => 3:30 PM Monday through Friday, 9/20 => 9/24
and again 10 AM =>3 PM Saturday & Sunday, 9/25 => 26.

Discolor disclaimer:
The red savinas authorized by Frank & Mary Garcia of GNS Spices are 
grown by CJJ Farms out of Santa Maria, CA and are grown in Bakersfield, 
which is hotter than the just inland areas where we've been getting them 
from in the past - usually a warmer night time soil temperature 
increases capsaicin percent. Sal Barajas of CJJ says there is some 
visual discoloration on some of the chiles from the cucumber mosaic 
virus, but only the appearance may be affected on some of the chiles, 
not the flavor or heat.



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