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Toler, Overton, Worchester, Sansom, Lusk, Short

I am using the computer program Family Tree Maker and World Family Tree (Banner Blue Software)

My main driving force in using the computer and traveling is researching the family tree and history. It has enabled me to study history with a special interest .by feeling that I am part of it in researching my family travels and when I find a family link I feel that I have solved a mystery and that I must look even father back. And by not only researching surnames, I also research the madden names so the branches are endless. Two Family books found of interest were

"The Boy Captives" (Geronimo) by Clint & Jeff Smith

Goyathlay (Apache for "One who yawns")
Tosacowadi (Comanche for "Leopard Cat")

"Capt. John" John Sansom a Texas Ranger: by Frankie Davis Glenn

"The Short Family" By John David (Jack) Short

Most Distant Tree contacts.:

Neil McKechnie: b. 1750 Scotland
Peto Gianocca: b. abt. 1880
John T. Toler b. 1819 Virginia
John Short b. 1783 Georgia
Dicet Stinson b. 1799
John Jesse Overton b. 1790 Virginia
Sophia Henry b. 1770 Alabama
Adelaide Jacob b 1872
Evaristo Gonzalez b. 1880 Spain
Mary Perez Rodrigues b. 15 Aug 1888 Spain

Henry Gonzalez ( 1925-1975) and Dottie Brown  had a son about 1955  In  California
Would like to contact the mother or son. Picture above about 1955.

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