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This is an open web page for people who are interested genealogy and history for the Toler Name.  If you have any stories about a Toler, or want to communicate with a Toler please Email  in the future, this will be a form based web page, so you can add your stories and view them on the spot.

Toler raised the first American Flag at the Presidio of Monterey, twice, he was a midshipman and they though the war had started with Mexico, but they were two months early and had to remove the flag and wait for the war to start.

Below is a copy of a letter written by my father Ira TOLER to his mother during WW one. s/Vern TOLER


The hum of an aeroplane overhead serves as an alarm clock to awaken the boys to awaken the boys of the 63rd artillery in the of the 63rd artillery in the mornings at Camp Mills, Long Island, writes Ira Toler. Of Battery E, 63rd C. A. C. in a letter to his mother, Mrs. Olive Toler, 2327 Lombard avenue. The letter follows: "I have landed in little old New York after a very pleasant trip across the country.

"We left Seattle, Thursday a week ago, after a parade down Second avenue. There was no secrecy about us leaving for everybody in Seattle knew we were coming in and the waterfront was crowded with people. When we landed the took us to the armory and kept us there and would not let anyone go anywhere.

"We left Seattle on four trains of about 16 cars each. I was on the third train out. All the small towns along the way turned out to meet us and the Red Cross met us about twice a day and gave us lunches, tobacco and ice cream. The people of the small towns would meet the train with flowers and the glad hand, and it seemed as though the entire town would be at the station to meet us, in some places they would start collections for us and buy us fruit and cakes.

"We would not have needed a cooking car along at all but I had to get two meals a day for 230 men and believe me it was some job to cook on a field stove in a baggage car going 60 miles an hour.

"The small towns certainly did turn out fine to greet us but Milwaukee was the city that went mad. When we came in every whistle in the city was tied down for 15 minutes and thousands of people lined the tracks for over a mile to see us come in.

"All the men in the shops came out to see us and there were lots of girls in overalls among them. I guess they were wiping engines and doing other light work around the railroad shops.

"There was one place along the way where the train stopped for us all to go in swimming in a river, and every man had to go in too. That was some sight itself, 18,000 men in swimming at one time. They made the announcement that in five minutes we would be to our swimming place and for everybody to undress and be ready, for we did not have muck time, but the announcement should have been five minutes from the next stop, for we ran into a town with a lot of people standing on the platform to see us, but they expected to see us in uniform, not ready to go in swimming. We were a nice looking bunch a whole train load of us without a stitch of clothing on.

"We came into one place on Sunday while church was going on and someone announced ‘troop trains were coming in’ and everybody came to the depot. It seemed as if it were a half holiday in every town we came to for schools turned out and the shops would use all their steam to blow whistles and the workmen would come outside.

"But after we left Chicago we were on the New York Central railway, and there was 10to 15 troop trains a day along that line so we were not the whole show, but the people had flags on their houses and came out to wave as we passed.
 "We then went up into Canada until we got to Niagara Falls.  There we were given an hour to look at the falls
We arrived in New York about 3 p. m. and took a trip down the Hudson to Long Island Sound and there we did certainly get a gook look at New York from the Statue of Liberty to Brooklyn Bridge.
 "We landed in camp about 2 a.m.  and went to bed.  I had a fine alarm clock to wake me up.  There was an aeroplane, which came screaming down over my tent, and woke me up. Then I looked out and I could see about 50 to?? of them over my head.?????? Of capers, turning heard-spins, loop the loop and ever other fool stunt.  Some were going 150 miles an hour, others flying like ducks and they keep it up all day and night too.  I could hear those blamed fools over head all night, but tonight it is raining and I can not hear any of them now so I finally get some sleep and I have not had any for a week.
"I have not been on pass yet, but guess I will painting Coney Island red tomorrow.
 "This is a very big army camp here and more coming and leaving every day.  When I came through New York I could see several ships with soldiers on ready to go out at any time.  To take a look at this camp and see how fans the men are coming and leaving you would say that the United States would soon have an army that would lick the Huns alone.  I took a walk in the camp yesterday and had a hard time to find my way home.
"There are a lot of places to go from here but, I do not think I will have time to take them all in before I will be among take bunch of transports lying in the harbor ready to go."

News Item Dt. unk. " TOLER PLAQUE PRESENTED AT CLASS NIGHT A feature of the Class Night program Monday evening at Grants Pass High School was the presentation of a plaque to the memory of Lt. Chester Toler (U.S. army Air Corps. Killed WW2) plaque given by members of his graduating class of 1937, Miss Masine Love made the presentation to Chestser Lathrop, student president for next year.

John T. Toler is as far back as I can go in my Toler tree (Vern Toler) John T. Toler was borne in Virginia in 1819 and married Laura Ann Steel Herrin, in Washington AR 30 June 1850 they then moved to Texas. She was borne in 1834 in Missouri

Information submitted by Frankie Meyer

(VIRGINIA COLONIAL ABSTRACTS page 633 (c) Broderbund Software)

71 1856 From Circuit Court, Caroline County. Toler's Adm'r v. Toler et als.

BENJAMIN TOLER died May 1808. Will. Widow, Mary. Issue: Mathew, died 1812, Married ----, and had issue, one son, Thomas U. Toler (an infant), and one daughter, Ann, wife of Thomas N. Walker; Samule died interstate without issue:, a daughter married Jones and has son, John Jones, and a daughter who married M'craw and has son, Miller W M'Craw;  Elizabeth (Betsy) married Thomas Hooper, and has son, Benjamin Hooper: Henry died July 1809, leaving a widow, Sarah A. who married M. M. Deer: Mathew, born June 1803, died before 1834: James, born May 1807: Mary, born October 1805. The testator, Benjamin Toler left considerable estate, and consisting of following properties: "Goose-ponds, Caroline county, Anderson's Old Store "Woodbury" and lots in Hanover town, Hanover county, and lands in Kentucky.  William Clarke, John Anderson, Patrick Kowler, and Ed Hundiy became securities of his son, Mathew Toler, Administrator with will attached. Mathew Toler's administrator with will attached. Mathew Toler's administrator was Carter B. Page, and his securities were: John W. Page, Benjamin Brand, and Andrew Steverson.
TOLER - TOWLER, Jasper Anderson   Search:   June 1999 Received request for help.
Left GA to TX @ 1916  added "W" to name and it is rumored that he left GA to prevent possible criminal charges. His mother's name was Martha Charlotte O'Gorman (?) Mike Olsen mother's ? name was Hollie Willard To(w)ler was borne in Violet Springs OKlahoma in 1905 and she had a twin sister Hollis Willis. Family moved to Plainview, TX and in 1921 moved to Phoenix, AR
Mike Olsen <>
        Alabama Toler Clan.....that's clan NOT KLAN!!!!
   Date:         Wed, 4 Aug 1999 20:59:44 -0500
   From:        Wendy Haugen <>
     To:         <>
"I believe in Dragons, Good Men and other fantasy creatures!"

Dear Vern;
                  I'm not sure if I'm one of your batch. My maiden name is Toler. My dad's father was
James W. Toler, my father was George L. Toler Ret. CMSgt of the USAF. My father joined the
military when it was still the Army-Air Corps and then when it split to make the Army and Air Force
he enlisted into the Air Force. He fought in WWII and received many (don't remember how many or
which ones) ribbons and medals. Then as a fluke ended up flying in the Flying Tigers which he
received more ribbons and commendations. He was mostly known for his mechanical expertise in
fighter plane mechanic and such.  He was transfered to Japan and Okinawa and brought his family
with him. Through the Grace of God I was blessed to have such a loving, wonderful, family oriented
father who saw fit that we got the best he could give.....his love!!! We had the wonderful opportunity
of traveling to other countries.  But, most of all we had the opportunity to share it with the man that
made it possible! My dad, George L. Toler Sr. was born 11/13/1921 and passed away 2/18/94.
Even to this day we miss him terribly. He was my best friend growing up (yep I was a daddy's girl!!)
. George Toler left behind  his wife of 50 years, Undine L. Toler  and his  three children  (grown) ,
George L. Toler Jr.
Nancy J. Toler-Morrow, and myself Wendy Toler-Haugen.

P.S. I hope this is what you were looking for.  Otherwise I guess it will be another case of tmi (too
much info!). In that case I apologize.
George L. Toler's  immediate tree:

James W. Toler  10/7/1884-8/21/1957  (fr)  m.  Nancy <Baby> Tayler-Toler
Children:  (son)  Rule Toler (4/19/1912)
Thelma Toler-Hinote-Montgomery    m. William Hinote (div. or dec.?)  m. Thomas Montgomery
No children
A.C. Toler  10/9/1919-5/4/1947    m. ?
Son-Charles Toler  10/23/1945

George Lee Toler Sr. 11/13/1921-2/18/1994    m. Loraine Undine DeBra 5/25/1922
Nancy Julia Toler 9/4/1946         m. Michael D. Morrow
(great grandson)
Michael D. Morrow Jr. 5/28/1969
(great grandsong)
Daniel M. Morrow   1/5/1971

George Lee Toler Jr.  7/3/1952    m.  Donna Rice Toler (divorced 2x)
(great grandson)
George Edward (Nash)  8/22/1978
(great grand-daughter)
Megan Renay Toler        12/31/1982

Undine DeBra ("Wendy") Toler  2/8/1958  m. Robert Cain 4/7/1947 (div.5/1994)
 m. Vincent E. Haugen  3/10/1964  (m. 3/21/1999)  both children made with Cain.
(great grand-daughter)
Amber Chrystal Cain  12/19/1988
(great grandson)
Joseph Lee Cain    1/15/1991
Raymond Toler   7/27/1906
Alford Toler  2/25/1912-12/24/1927

Subject:         Toler
   Date:         Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:01:04 EDT

My name is Naomi and I too am proud to be called "Toler"  I am the gggg grand
daughter of David Toler and the ggg grand daughter of Zachariah Toler and
Lucy Blankenship.  I recently emailed Dublin Ireland looking for the Toler
name.  I was informed that Toler (Toller) is a very old Irish name.  It first
appeared in the 17th century of Co Tipperary.where it was fairly prominent in
the 18th century.  It is derived from the French (Tollere') a tax gatherer.
This must be true I love money. The name Toler (Toller first appears in a
list of Co Leitrim tories of 1692.  It is also the name of a Co Mayo family
who were the ancient chiefs of the Baron of Kilmaine. I was also told that
Toler was probably an anglicized form of O'Talchara'in (talcher mean
obstinate) and similiar to the name Tolleran.  Just wanted you to have a look
at this.  Must be where I get my temper haha.

Subject:         Who am I?
   Date:         Sat, 21 Aug 1999 14:58:06 -0400
   From:        Crista C Westbrook <>

Dear Vern, I'm glad to have found your site. My name is William Richard Toler, Jr. I am the grandson of William Pettus Toler of Maryland. My grandfather died 20 years ago & I was curious to find any information regarding my roots & thought I would contact you. Do you have any records of this name or other Tolers in the Maryland area?  Thanks for any info you can provide!

Subject:         Toler family
   Date:         Thu, 27 Aug 1998 13:17:20 -0300
   From:         Gene&Karen Toler <>
Vern, I would like to know if you know of any connection  between your
family and a Richard m Toler born about 1823/24 in Virginia who married
a Chaney Combs Fields 1840 in Logan Virginia, Then married her cousin
Rebecca Fields in 1850/51 in Perry Co. Kentucky. Any information would
be very helpful. Thanks Gene Toler

Subject:         Collaboration Message
   Date:         14 Jul 1999 14:39:34 -0500
   From:         tolerjohnt1790va <>
     To:         tolerjohnt1790va <>
Topic: Selinder Toler

I am a direct descendent of Selinder Toler, who married Peter Nicholas
Johnson in Cumberland, VA, in 1822, and raised a large family.  My great
grandfather, William Abner Johnson, was one of the children.  Please contact
me if this is one of your Tolers, and I will be happy to trade info.  Thanks.

Julius Rober Johnson   Email -

Subject:         Collaboration Message
   Date:         25 Jul 1999 08:12:53 -0500
   From:         tolerjohnt1790va <>
     To:         tolerjohnt1790va <>
Topic: TOLER

My name is Naomi and I am a decendant of David Toler.  I am at a standing
still regarding any information before David.  Please e mail me if you have
any information concerning his parents such as who they were or where they
came from.  You can email me at
Thank you

 Subject:        Re: Toler contacts.
   Date:        Thu, 5 Aug 1999 01:53:00 -0500
   From:        Wendy Haugen <>

Hello Vern;
Sure, who knows? The woods abound with Tolers!!! Also a little tidbit, the
Tolers I came from were from Ireland and some had changed from
Melvin/Melville to Toler due to INS.
That's all I have right now! Still working on it. They entered the US at 3
locations: Ellis Island,  somewhere up North and either N. or So. Carolina.
Wendy Toler-Haugen
506 E. Orange Ave.
Foley, AL 36535
-----Original Message-----
From: Vern Toler <>
To: Wendy HaugenFTM?) <>
Date: Friday, August 06, 1999 12:14 AM
Subject: Toler contacts.

Subject:         Re: Collaboration Message-Vern Toler
   Date:         Thu, 15 Jul 1999 11:12:18 EDT
   From:        <>

Vern,  I certainly do appreciate your reply on my familysearch message.  I
wondered if those messages went anywhere.  I have sent one to another
familysearch individual who apparently is descended from my Selinder Toler.
I hope to hear from that person also.  There couldn't have been that many
Tolers in VA in those days.  I'll check one of the old censuses for your John
T.  and sure let you know if I find anything.  I know nothing about Selinder,
but may have a photo (tintype) of her in a family photo album that predates
the Civil War.  So let's keep in touch and keep comparing notes.  None of the
associated family names you mentioned ring a bell but I'll keep them in mind.
 There are Overtons here in the Eastern Virginia area.  Also there were and
are a lot of Smiths in Albemarle County, where I was born and raised.  My
grandmother Johnson's sister, Virginia Temple Gillespie, married Alonza
Franklin Smith, and they had a fine family.  So I do have Smith connections.
I will check all of my sources for your Tolers, Smiths, etc.  I was born in
Charlottesville, VA, December 25, 1933.  My great, great grandfather, Peter
Nicholas Johnson, married Selinder Toler in March of 1822.  Where are you
living now?  Thank you so much for your reply.  Keep in touch.  Incidentally,
you made a legitimate mistake in spelling my middle name.  It's not "Robert",
it's Rober.  Everybody makes that mistake.  The State even changed my
marriage license to Robert.
Julius Rober Johnson

Tried to get to the armory website but I seem to have trouble. My father had
done a tree I think back to the 1790's. He's gone now but maybe mom has some
insight. Anyhow what about the Toler reunion in IL. Have you been? My Great
Grandfather, Grandfather and father all were raised around N.C. the outer
banks region and traveled up and down the coast, Flagler Beach etc...
It's nice to chat with you gotta go home, talk to ya later maybe?
Bryan Toler  Bend, Or.


This story I found by searching.  It also was published in the Aarizona Republic, and the website is so I hope it is public domane.  It is an interesting story. I don't know if I have a family link to him. s/vern_toler
Richard Toler             Cincinnati, Ohio                   Interviewed by Ruth Thompson

[end p. 101]   Source: The American Slave, Vol. 16: 97-101.

                     Richard Toler
                                          Cincinnati, Ohio

                                      Interviewed by Ruth Thompson

                                    "Ah never fit in de wah; no suh, ah
                                    couldn't. Mah belly's been broke! But ah
                                    sho' did want to, and ah went up to be
                                    examined, but they didn't receive me on
                                    account of mah broken stomach. But ah
                                    sho' tried, 'cause ah wanted to be free. Ah
                                    didn't like to be no slave. Dat wasn't good

                            Ricard Toler, 515 Poplar Street, century
                                    old former slave lifted a bony knee with one
                                    hnarled [sic] hand and crossed his legs, then
                                    smoothed his thick white beard. His rocking
                                    chair creaked, the flies droned, and through
the open, unscreened door came the bawling of a calf from the building of a hide company
across the street. A maltese kitten sauntered into the front room, which served as parlor
and bedroom, and climbed complacently into his lap. In one corner a wooden bed was
piled high with feather ticks, and bedecked with a crazy quilt and an number of small,
brightly-colored pillows; a bureau opposite was laden to the edges with a collection of odds
and ends - a one-legged alarm clock, a coal oil lamp, faded artificial flowers in a gaudy
vase, a pile of newspapers. A trunk against the wall was littered with several large books
(one of which was the family Bible), a stock of dusty lamp shades, a dingy sweater, and
several bushel-basket lids. Several packing cases and crates, a lard can full of cracked ice,
a small, round oil heating stove, and an assorted lot of chairs completed the furnishings. The
one decorative spot in the room was on the wall over the bed, where hung a large framed
picture of Christ in The Temple. The two rooms beyond exhibited various broken-down
additions to the heterogeneous collection.

"Ah never had no good times till ah was free", the old man continued. "Ah was bo'n on
Mastah Tolah's (Henry Toler) plantation down in ole V'ginia, near

[end p. 97]

Lynchburg in Campbell County. Mah pappy was a slave befo' me, and mah mammy, too.
His name was George Washington Tolah, and her'n was Lucy Tolah. We took ouah name
from ouah ownah, and we lived in a cabin way back of the big house, me and mah pappy
and mammy and two brothahs.

"They nevah mistreated me, neithah. They's a whipping the slaves all the time, but ah run
away all the time. And I jus' tell them - if they whipped me, ah'd kill 'em, and ah nevah did
get a whippin'. If ah thought one was comin' to me, Ah'd hide in the woods; then they'd
send aftah me and they say, 'Come, on back, - we won't whip you'. But they killed some of
the niggahs, whipped 'em to death. Ah guess they killed three or fo' on Tolah's place while
ah was there.

"Ah never went to school. Learned to read and write my name after ah was free in night
school, but they nevah allowed us to have a book in ouah hand, and we couldn't have no
money neither. If we had money we had to tu'n it ovah to ouah ownah. Chu'ch was not
allowed in ouah pa't neithah. Ah go to the Meth'dist Chu'ch now, everybody ought to go. I

Toler took a small piece of ice from the lard can, popped it between his toothless gum,
smacking enjoyment, swished at the swarming flies with a soiled rag handkerchief, and

"Ah nevah could unnerstand about ghos'es. Nevah did see one. Lots of folks tell about
seein' ghos'es, but ah nevah feared 'em. Ah was nevah raised up undah such supastitious

"We was nevah allowed no pa'ties, and when they had goin' ons at the big house, we had to
clear out. Ah had to wo'k hard all the time every day in the week. Had to min' the cows
and calves, and when ah got older ah had to hoe in the field. Mastah Tolah had about 500
acres, so they tell me, and he had a lot of cows and ho'ses and oxens, and he was a big
fa'mer. Ah've done about evahthing in mah life, blacksmith and stone mason, ca'penter,
evahthing but

[end p. 98]

brick-layin'. Ah was a blacksmith heah fo' 36 yea's. Learned it down at Tolah's.

"Ah stayed on the plantation during the wah, and jes' did what they tol' me. Ah was 21
then. And ah walked 50 mile to vote for Gen'l Grant at Vaughn's precinct. Ah voted fo' him
in two sessions, he run twice. And ah was 21 the fust time, cause they come and got me,
and say, 'Come on now. You can vote now, you is 21.' And theah now - mah age is right
theah. 'Bout as close as you can git it.

"Ah was close to the battle front, and I seen all dem famous men. Seen Gen'l Lee, and
Grant, and Abe Lincoln. Seen John Brown, and seen the seven men that was hung with
him, but we wasn't allowed to talk to any of 'em, jes' looked on in the street. Jes' spoke,
and say 'How d' do.

"But ah did talk to Lincoln, and ah tol' him ah wanted to be free, and he was a fine man,
'cause he made us all free. And ah got a ole history, it's the Sanford American History, and
was published in 1784. But ah don't know where it is now, ah misplaced it. It is printed in
the book, something ah said, now written by hand. And it says, 'Ah am a ole slave which
has suvved fo' 21 yeahs, and ah would be quite pleased if you could help us to be free. We
thank you very much. Ah trust that some day ah can do you the same privilege that you are
doing for me. Ah have been a slave for many years. (Note discrepancy.)

"Aftah the wah, ah came to Cincinnati, and was married three times. Mah fust wife was
Mannie. Then there was Mollie. They both died, and then ah was married Cora heah, and
ah had six child'en, one girl and fo' boys. (Note discrepancy) They's two living yet; James is
70 and he is not married. And Bob's about thutty or fo'ty. Ah done lost all mah
rememb'ance, too ole now. But Mollie died when he was bo'n, and he is crazy. He is out of
Longview (Home for Mentally infirm) now fo' a while, and he jes' wanders around, and
wo'ks a little. He ha'mless, he wouldn't hurt nobody. He ain't married

[end p. 99]


"After the wah, ah bought a fiddle, and ah was a good fiddlah. Used to be a fiddlah fo' the
white girls to dance. Jes' picked it up. It was a natural gif'. Ah could still play if ah had a
fiddle. Ah used to play at our hoe downs, too. Played all those ole time songs - Soldier's
Joy, Jimmy Long Josey, Arkansas Traveler, and Black Eye Susie. Ah remembah the wo'ds
to that one."

Smiling inwardly with pleasure as he again lived the past, the old Negro swayed and recited:

Black Eye Susie, you look so fine,
Black Eye Susie, ah think youah mine.
A wondahful time we're having now,
Oh, Black Eye Susie, ah believe that youah mine.

And away down we stomp aroun' the bush,
We'd think that we'd get back to wheah we could push
Black Eye Susie, ah think youah fine,
Black Eye Susie, Ah know youah mine.

Then, he resumed his conversational tone:

"Befo' the wah we never had no good times. They took good care of us, though. As
pa'taculah with slave as with the stock - that was their money, you know. And if we
claimed bein' sick, they'd give us a dose of castah oil and tu'pentine. That was the principal
medicine cullud folks had to take, and sometimes salts. But nevah no whiskey - that was
not allowed. And if we was real sick, they had the Doctah fo' us.

"We had very bad eatin'. Bread, meat, water. And they fed it to us in a trough, jes' like the
hogs. And ah went in may [sic] shirt till I was 16, nevah had no clothes. And the flo' in ouah
cabin was dirt, and at night we'd jes' take a blanket and lay down on the flo'. The dog was
supe'ior to us; they would take him in the house.

"Some of the people I belonged to was in the Klu Klux Klan. Tolah had fo' girls and fo'
boys. Some of those boys belonged. And I used to see them turn out. They went 'round
whippin' niggahs. They get young girls and strip

[end p. 100]

'em sta'k naked, and put 'em across barrels, and whip 'em till the blood run out of 'em, and
then they would put salt in the raw pahts. And ah seen it, and it was as bloody aroun' em as
if they'd stuck hogs.

"I sho' is glad I ain't no slave no moah. Ah thank God that ah lived to pas the yeahs until the
day of 1937. Ah'm happy and satisfied now, and ah hopes ah see a million yeahs to come."

[end p. 101]
Source: The American Slave, Vol. 16: 97-101.

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   Date:         Mon, 29 May 2000 16:32:08 +0200
   From:         <>

  What a terrific site, I came across this in a search engine.  I am a Toler
currently living in the Netherlands.  I am an American and working here for
a couple years.

I do not have any history to mention, other than names and locations.  I
hope you can point me in a direction that can help me track some of our
roots.  It is recent history, but I hope it can be a start.

John Elbert Toler Sr.  Raised in Logan, West Virginia as a coal minor.  He
had three sons John E. Toler Jr. (my father), Rexford Toler and Bethel
Toler.  John E. Toler Sr. married a woman named Alma.  My apologies, I do
not know the maiden name.

I hope this can be a start, please let me know where I can begin.

Regards,  John Leslie Toler

   Date:         Fri, 2 Jun 2000 10:40:49 +0200
   From:         <>

Yes, please feel free to post my article.  I hope there are connections to

I found you on
thanks John

        Tolers in Goochland County Va.
   Date:         Thu, 8 Jun 2000 08:00:30 -0500 (EST)
   From:         Carolyn Bader <>

Have you anything on the above. With the names of John, Elizabeth , etc
there seems to be some connection there as well as the Stephen Toler
line in N.C. Carolyn

   Date:         Mon, 10 Jul 2000 22:03:42 EST
   From:       "victoria toler" <>

This is my brother in laws pc and he has  ICQ where you can type back and
forth as if you were on the phone.It is fishing season so my wife  took over
his pc and we really do not know much but we are  learning.We usually go to
Allen County Public Library to do our research,in FT.Wayne,Indiana.It has
the second largest collection for researching.I have ment alot of cousins of
mine while we have had the pc this last month or so. My wife would probably
do the talking as she is the genealogist of the family.She has gathered so
much and I am very proud.She has found several Richard Toler's in KY,VA and
WVA.Trying to figure which one if any could be our's.Maybe none but she'll
keep looking as she dislikes being at dead ends!!She happens to be at that
point with most of my lines.We can not find her family and she says mine is
more fun!!HA
Get back to us when you are able.Maybe Vickie(my wife)can give you the
Richard info she has found if you need it at all for your own search.
               Matthew & Vickie Toler

   Date:         Fri, 14 Jul 2000 15:20:58 -0500 (EST)
   From:        Carolyn Bader <>

I am still trying to locate Asa (another  spelling is Asel) or Bird
Toler born in Va  in 1792 and 1796
Asa's childen were  George, B. 1827, John  C. b. 1832, M, Mary Gaillard,
Elizabeth b.1834. m. Stephen R ichardson , Mary b 1936, m. Taylor
Goodwin Bird b1938, m. Mary Cowan. I have all copies of their marriage
licenses well as Asas who married an Isabel Bridget in 1824. There is an
Asa in Logan County Ky. who married a Massy Tully in
1804 but unless it was a parent my Asa would have
only been 12 yrs old  All the above were born in Union Co., In. except
the parents  The last  census
th lists any of them is 1860. Carolyn


        Mon, 14 Aug 2000 20:28:55 -0700
    I'm looking for
DELILAH TOLER b 1789 Wayne Co, NC  d 1854 Johnson Co, IL.
m 1809 Wayne, NC  LEWIS WORRELL b 1789 Wayne, NC  d 1848 Johnson, IL  s/o DAVID WORRELL &
SARAH HOWELL [siblings, all b Wayne, NC-MARY b abt 1773; JAMES b 1775;
JOHN b 1778; EASTER b abt 1780; SARAH b abt 1784]  I can't seem to find
anything on them, but haven't looked for a couple of months, as I've been gone &
have to get caught up.
All my TOLERS are in Wayne Co, NC; Johnson, Union & Williamson Co, IL;
Douglas Co, MO; 1 that I think died in Greenup, KY.
Any help is good help.

Subject:         Rev. Henry Toler (c1760-c1823), VA-KY
   Date:         Wed, 16 Aug 2000 22:37:32 EDT
    Saw your "Echols Newsletter" and noted that you also invited inquiries about
the Toler family. Does that include Henry Toler, the great old Baptist
minister? He served in VA from c1782-c1816 and then moved to KY, where he
served from c1816-c1823 and died. Might you have directions to the cemetery
in which he is buried? Bill Simpson, Richmond, VA

   Date:         Mon, 28 Aug 2000 16:09:29 -0500
   From:         rhonda ramsey <>
    I just came  across your web-site, and was very pleased, I have been researching my ancestors, and have come up with little, hopefully you can help me with this problem.  My g g grandfather is William Hoskins Toler, of Eadsville, KY.  It would be a great help if you share any information you have on my family.  I would greatly appreciate it.

   Date:         Mon, 16 Oct 2000 14:07:38 EDT
     I'm trying to find Bird Toler who was married to Elizabeth Bridget on 4/4/1830.
I belive that they had a daughter Catherine Toler born 7/15 1838 and married
Aaron Gard. Aaron Gard and Catherine (Toler) Gard are my great grandparents.
Do you have any information on this family?

Bob Campbell

   Date:         Tue, 17 Oct 2000 18:29:33 -0500
   From:         chris toler <>
     Hi, my name is Christopher Lee Toler. My grandmother Francis Pikes in Macon, Georgia knows quit abit about toler history.. She might have some names and dates that might be helpful..Not real sure how to contact her though she travels around between her 12 kids..

                                                                                 Sincerely, Chris toler

From:        "Gail Ross" <>

        Mon, 9 Apr 2001 13:24:42 -0400

It seems your link is broken for the Toler Newsletter.  I would like to be placed on the list to receive this
newsletter as I am researching my husband's Toler line.

Thank you,
Gail B. Kirkland


        Tue, 10 Apr 2001 22:05:50 -0500
   From:         chellepete <>
We spoke a year or so ago..STILL in the works..
I can find links to Grandfather but not the LINK to great-grandfather...The census was considerable help..but would like to check a message board..but cannot find the site..Could you please help me?? Thank you so much..from one Toler to another.
Franchelle Toler

Subject:         toler family in brush creek, arkansas
   Date:         Wed, 5 Sep 2001 16:29:24 -0500
   From:        Robert Toler <>
     hi vern, greeting from baton rouge, la. my name is robert d. toler, born 1/29/1940 in br, la.  my father dean wood toler, born  7/3/1918, and died on 11/15/1991.  until today i really didn't know his fathers name, which is bernard d. toler, born 4/4/1890,  and died 1/29/1928, wifes name myrtle wood toler.  my dad's family lived in the brush creek, arkansas area.  i am trying to get information on my dads family and would appreciate any help you can give.  also born of bernard and myrtle toler were josie faye, and meriam toler.  josie faye is still living and resides in arizona, but has very little memory of her dad's family (bernard)  I AM PLANNING ON A TRIP TO BRUSH CREEK, AR. in the near future if i am not able to obtain information on the family.  my dad very seldom talked about his family, and this makes it hard for me to locate them as i have very little information.  any help will be appreciated.  my dad was born in leola, arkansas.  thanks again, robert d. toler.

   Date:         Wed, 5 Sep 2001 23:13:34 EDT

hi vern.  i would appreciate any information you may have on the family of my
grandfather bernard d. toler, born 4/4/1890, died 1/29/1928.  he was from
brush creek, ar. and was married to myrtle wood toler.  my father, dean wood
toler, born 7/3/1918, died 11/15/1991 was a child born of that marriage.
there were also 2 daughters, josie faye and meriam toler.  my dad very seldom
mentioned his father, never mentioned his grandfather so i don't know his
name.  i am trying to get any info on my dad's family  i am robert dean
toler, born 1/29/1940 in baton rouge, la.  my grandfather died before i was
born .  i would appreciate any info you may have on my grandfathers family.
i found that he was buried in the brush creek cemetery.  thanks, robert dean
toler, baton rouge, la. email


Subject:         Selinder Toler
   Date:         Thu, 29 Nov 2001 21:22:06 -0500
   From:        "Julius Johnson" <>

I'm still looking my great, great grandmother, Selinder A.Toler, who married Peter Nicholas Johnson in Cumberland, VA, March 11, 1822.  They then settled in the St. Anne's Parish of Albemarle County, VA.  My email address has changed since my previous message.  My email address is now Julius R. Johnson

Subject:         Lusk and Toler
   Date:         Sun, 12 Aug 2001 00:07:07 -0500
   From:         Brenknig <>

Hi, Vern,
My gggrandparents were Zach Lusk and Mary Toler.They were married in Sunflower Co., Ms in 1872.Their daughter was named Lula.Do you have any info that might help ? I'm desperate! Thanks in advance.Brenda Knight

Subject:         Tolers
   Date:         Sat, 3 Nov 2001 18:56:05 -0500
   From:         "Eugene B Toler, Jr." <>

I received your e-mail address from a friend at work who just happened to
be looking around the interent under "TOLER".

I am descended from William Toler. He was born in Chesterfield County,
Virginia around 1736. He died in Mecklenburg County, Virginia (this
county touches the NC border). He was married to Hannah Jennings Brockman
from Orange County, Virginia. Their son, Adam Toler founded "TOLERSVILLE"
in what is now Louisa County Virginia. This town is now known as
"MINERAL". Adam Toler married the widow, Mary Jerdone Pottie after the
death of her first husband, George Pottie of Louisa County, Virginia.

The problem I am having is trying to connect William Toler back to any of
his ancestors and hopefully, all the way back to Ireland. From a book
titled, "Irish Pedigrees" currently located in the Family History Library
of the Richmond Virginia Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, it states that the names TOLER & TYLER are anglized
from the original spelling of "O'TOLAIRG", a name found in old Ireland.

Gene Toler
12107 Pinhook Road
Rockville, VA 23146-1511

        Sun, 10 Mar 2002 16:59:31 -0500
   From:        Marsha Bare <>
     My maternal gradmother was Virginia Toler Gross of southern WV.  Her father
was Anderson Howard Toler(nephew of William 'Devil Anse' Anderson Hatfield,
of Hatfield/McCoy fued fame.)

My great-grandfather went by Howard.  He married a Matilda Farrell and they
had six (6) daughters.  The eldest's name was Gastavia.  My grandma,
Virginia.  That's all I know.  I think they were around Mingo Co. WV.

I can't find who my gg-grandfather was or which Hatfield girl he married.
Also who the other Toler sisters married.  And who Anderson Howard Toler
siblings were.


Subject:         Toler's from Eastern NC
   Date:         Thu, 21 Feb 2002 01:40:11 -0500
   From:         "Jessica Toler" <>
  Do you know of any Toler's from eastern NC?  I am trying to do my research on my family tree and my Toler family
is mainly from the eastern  part of NC.  Just wondering if you could help me out any.  My grandfathers name is
John H. Toler he was born in or around the early 1920's
Thanks,  Jessica Toler

        Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:58:03 -0500 (EST)
   From: (Carolyn Bader)
   Havent made much progress since I taled to you. Still looking for Asa
and Bird Tolers parents. Thee was a will filed in Shelbyville Co. In. in
1839 who might possibly be their father but the court house is
remodeling and information won't be available until Aug they told me.

Subject:         Bessie Mae Toler
   Date:         Sat, 16 Feb 2002 17:54:22 EST

Bessie Mae Toler was my grandmother, her father's name was Sam Toler and he
was married to Elizabeth.  Papa Sam as he was called escaped from slavery by
diving into a river and swimming across while being shot at. They say his
mother was part indian. My grandmother was a tall fair skinned black woman
with grey eyes . The only names I have for her brothers and sisters are
Willie Mae, Sally, Anna, Jeffrey and possibly Donnel ( although he might have
been a cousin or uncle).They say Papa Sam lived to be 117years old  Bessie
Toler married Grady Fred McDowell and the had 14 children between them. Both
of their families were from West Virginia originally ,but somehow came
together in East Texas  where they lived on a considerable amount of land
somewhere around Panola County, before migrating to California.  I know alot
about the McDowell side and could go on for awhile ,but I would really like
to know my grandmothers people . My grandmother was unique and I am sure her
family is too. I'd appreciate any information anyone might have.  Barbara Rabb

        Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:37:51 -0600
   From:         "Laura" <>

Vern,  Would you decend from a BURWELL S. TOLER, then AUSTIN B. TOLER, THOMAS F TOLER,  who married a Sciota J.THOMAS??  They had a son VERN THOMAS TOLER..... I know this is a long shot, but BURWELL would have been my
gggrandmother's brother......It's worth asking about.........I haven't seen too many names of VERN TOLER.
Would love to hear from you..............Sincerely Laura J. Heckman

You can reach me at

Subject:         Re:Hints for search- toler family in brush creek, arkansas
   Date:         Thu, 06 Sep 2001 09:09:57 EDT
    thanks for the quick response, i really appreciate it.  i would appreciate your adding this to
the newsletter, as i just might get a response from someone.  i live about 4-500 miles from
brush creek, ar., but planning on going there to try to get information.  my dad was born in
leola, ar. which is near brush creek according to your information.  again thank you for the
response.  i will let you know if i am able to locate my grandfathers family history.  thanks
so much, robert d.d toler, baton rouge, la.
robert d.d toler, baton rouge, la.

Subject:         Toler's from Tennessee
   Date:         Tue, 23 Oct 2001 18:47:34 EDT

First of all, I think this Toler Newsletter is Great!!  I would love to get information on my family.  My Grandfather was
Claude Thomas
Toler from Cumberland Gap Tennessee (I think). My Dad was George Albert Toler born in Clarksville, Tennessee. I would love to hear from anyone with any imformation.


  Date:         Mon, 22 Oct 2001 20:23:00 -0500
   From:         Gerry Toler <>

I have just recently started searching for some ancestor connections, and had some good fortune to find a couple of "cousins", plus locating some nuggets on the internet.
My dead-end point is my G G Grandfather Bird Toler(b 1796 VA) and his brother Asa (b 1792 VA). Neither I nor my cousinscan get past those two. They moved from, apparently, VA, to Indiana, and show up marrying there in 1830 and 1824.

Have just found your "Toler Newsletter", and enjoyed reading it.

Gerry Toler

       "Carolyn Bader" <> | Block Address  | Add to Address Book

   Date:       Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:58:03 -0500 (EST)

Havent made much progress since I taled to you. Still looking for Asa
and Bird Tolers parents. Thee was a will filed in Shelbyville Co. In. in
1839 who might possibly be their father but the court house is
remodeling and information won't be available until Aug
they told me.

Subject:         toler family in brush creek, arkansas
   Date:         Wed, 5 Sep 2001 23:13:34 EDT

hi vern.  i would appreciate any information you may have on the family of my
grandfather bernard d. toler, born 4/4/1890, died 1/29/1928.  he was from
brush creek, ar. and was married to myrtle wood toler.  my father, dean wood
toler, born 7/3/1918, died 11/15/1991 was a child born of that marriage.
there were also 2 daughters, josie faye and meriam toler.  my dad very seldom
mentioned his father, never mentioned his grandfather so i don't know his
name.  i am trying to get any info on my dad's family  i am robert dean toler, born 1/29/1940 in baton rouge, la.  my grandfather died before i was born .  i would appreciate any info you may have on my grandfathers family.
i found that he was buried in the brush creek cemetery.  thanks, robert dean
toler, baton rouge, la. email

Subject:         Lusk and Toler
   Date:         Sun, 12 Aug 2001 00:07:07 -0500
   From:         Brenknig <>

My gggrandparents were Zach Lusk and Mary Toler.They were married in Sunflower Co., Ms in 1872.Their daughter was named Lula. Do you have any info that might help ? I'm desperate! Thanks in advance.
Brenda Knight

Date:       Sun, 10 Mar 2002 16:59:31 -0500

  From:       "Marsha Bare" <>

My maternal gradmother was Virginia Toler Grossof southern WV.  Her father
was Anderson Howard Toler(nephew of William 'Devil Anse' Anderson Hatfield,
of Hatfield/McCoy fued fame.)

My great-grandfather went by Howard.  He married a Matilda Farrell and they had six (6) daughters.  The eldest's name was Gastavia.  My grandma, Virginia.  That's all I know.  I think they were around Mingo Co. WV.

I can't find who my gg-grandfather was or which Hatfield girl he married.
Also who the other Toler sisters married.  And who Anderson Howard Toler
siblings were.


From:        "Jessica Toler" <> | Block Address  | Add to Address Book

       Toler's from Eastern NC

   Date:       Thu, 21 Feb 2002 01:40:11 -0500

Do you know of any Toler's from eastern NC?  I am trying to do my research on my family tree and
my Toler family is mainly from the eastern  part of NC.  Just wondering if you could help me out any.
My grandfathers name is John H. Toler he was born in or around the early 1920's
Jessica Toler

Subject:         Toler / Towler Family
   Date:        Mon, 18 Mar 2002 20:49:12 -0800 (PST)
   From:        Tonya Harrison <>

Hello! My name is Tonya Harrison and I am researching my mothers family
line.  I am very stuck at the moment.  I wanted to see if you can help
me with finding the next link in my family.  If I can just get past
this 1 or 2 generations I think I would be able to get moving again! If
you can help me in any way I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

I know that my family line is from the Pittsylvania County, VA area.
This is where I am stuck:

Jim and Jenny Toler/Towler.  They are my gggrandparents. I have some
info on them but I need to confirm their parents.
Here's what I have so far:

James "Jim" Toler b. 1870 in Pittsylvania Co, Va d. 1956 in Reidsville,
NC.  Married Jenny Towler 03-18-1890 in VA.  Jenny Towler b. 1870 in
Pittsylvania Co, Va and d. 08-25-1952 in Reidsville, NC.

I have been told by family that they believe Jim's parents were John
Toler and Sally Dalton and that Jenny's parents were Joshua Towler and
Sally Jane Duncan.  However, I have also been told that this Joshua
Towler's parents were John Toler and Sally Dalton.  (That would be were
I'm very confused!) Family stories say that they were related but
distantly (the above scenario would suggest that Jim wasJenny's uncle,
which I hope would not be correct!)

I can also tell you that Jim and Jenny had the folowing children:
Gilford Lynn Toler (my ggrandfather), George Toler Sr, Rosa Irene
Toler, Sally Ruth Toler, Dewey Toler, Mack Haney Toler, and Celia

I am planning on taking a trip to Pittsylvania County in about a month
and would like to have a little more to go on before I get there.

Thank you for reading all of this and if this matches your line, I
would be happy to share what I have gathered so far on the family line
that I have.

Thanks again!!
Tonya Harrison


Subject:        More Tolers
   Date:        Thu, 4 Jul 2002 20:35:12 EDT

Hi Vern, I am related to Stephen Ballard Toler m Luda Luvenia Pearce from Wayne County NC.  They had several children one being my Dad Milford Toler m Frances Wells.  I am doing research on this line and I keep hitting high walls.  I know my Great grandfather was Ed Toler and nothing more.  Is there anyway you might be able to help me with this?  My birth name is Carol nickname "Charlie".
Thanks in advance
Charlie Toler McLeod

Subject:         Selinder
   Date:         Mon, 15 Jul 2002 19:45:49 +0200
   From:         "Per-Ivan" <>

Hi, Im not sure where you are in your search for Selinder Toler but if is
any help to you Selinder is a very Swedish name and there are not so many
families in Sweden with that name. I don't know if anyone has done any
research in the area. But if it is any help to anyone it should be pretty
simple to do a search in Sweden, since we have the worlds longest unbroken
record of geneaology, due to to registration of all people in Sweden by the
church for tax reasons (who is surprised?).

Good luck! Per-Ivan

   Date:         Thu, 29 Aug 2002 11:29:11 -0700
   From:         "Tom Toler" <>
     There is a great story about Tom Toler while he was the Police Chief in Hot Springs Arkansas in 1800's
The Wild West Magazine
page 25.

Tom Toler

        Mon, 9 Sep 2002 09:26:13 -0500
   From:         "lorene crossno" <>
 Please add me to your newsletter family .I am the grand daughter of John Calvin Toler  and Luretta Morris Toler Originally from N, Carolina ,Then to Anna ,Il.  and last to Paragould,Ar.
Thank you,    Lorene Toler Crossno
  email add.

        Sun, 27 Oct 2002 11:23:25 EST



                                                           THANK YOU JANET

Subject:         Toler Clan not KLAN-Alabama
   Date:         Mon, 25 Nov 2002 03:43:59 -0600
        "Wendy Haugen" <>

I got your letter a while back, meant to write back, been busier then a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!!!
I have found out a bit more on the Toler family...but hit a brick wall when it comes to written proof of immigration. I was told that
Toler/Toller was from Cork or Kerry Co. relatives that have more time to search then I do. Okay. Here's the scoop:

m'kay let me see if I can get this straight:
Grant Side:
1.George F. Grant m. Josephine Hurley-they had 3 daughters, one of which was Nancy Grant (3rd child & my
gggrand-mother/pat-mat). Geo. Grant's (great?) Uncle was said to be US Grant.
2.Nancy Grant (b.1857) m. Hiram Taylor-they had 6 daughters, one of which was Nancy (Baby) Taylor.
1a. Geo. & Josphine's #2 daughter was Sarah Grant who m. William Toler. They had 1 son, William C. Toler
(Brewton,AL1/11/1859-Rosinton,AL 4/21/1930)
1a.b.  William C. Toler m. Alice C. Dodson (m. 12/21/1881-Brewton,AL).  They had 7 children, one of which was
James W. Toler (Brewton,AL 10/7/1884-Roberstdale,AL 8/21/1957).
2a.Nancy (Baby) Taylor (Durant,AL 7/21/1884-Robertsdale,AL 7/16/1976) m. James W. Toler. They had 6 children, one of which was George L. Toler......
That's all I have for now..still looking. The Taylors and Tolers became kin when Sarah Grant married William Toler whose grandson would be James W. Toler.  And Nancy Taylor was forced to marry James W. Toler (her father didn't approve of her fiance' , made him leave the area and her marry James.
I have been told that the Hiram Taylor had either been born in Ireland or had been born shortly after immigration to US and settling in
Alabama, very clannish people.
Does any of this sound familiar?

Subject:         Maryland Tolers
   Date:         Fri, 29 Nov 2002 22:11:29 -0500

My name is Ann Langdon (05/24/1968, Tucson AZ).  I am the daughter of Ronald Douglas Toler b. 10/18/1946 and Loretta Marie Felty b. 11/21/1947.  I was adopted into the Womack family when I was 4.  I am now trying to find my ancestors.  I have located Ronald Toler 6428 Stone River Rd, Bradenton, FL 34203(941) 753 - 9560.
In trying to search for family from there I found a half sister (of mine) named Stacy Toler.  She is currently a student at Florida Tech.  I was able to tie the two of them together because of a Bio I found on her that was done at Florida Tech

(Personal:Daughter of Dave and Fran Crispin of Satellite Beach and Ron Toler of Bradenton. Born on April 10, 1980 in Silver Springs, Maryland. She chose Florida Tech because of Coach Reynolds' reputation as a basketball coach and the school's reputation. When not playing volleyball, Toler can be found playing golf.)

After I found this information I went looking for Rons High school in classmates.  I found a Ron Toler that graduated from Northwood High in Silver Springs Maryland in 1964.  That is when my dad graduated.  I believe that is him.

This now leads me to you.  I am looking to find any roots to the Maryland Toler Family.  My dad is still living but I am not certain that I should contact him after all these years (although it would make this family search easier).

I hope you can assist me.

From: "GERALD NUNN" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 15:45:46 -0500

My name is Bridgette Toler. My father was carter Toler Jr. His father name was Carter Toler. All I know about my father is on my birth certificate. He was born in Nashville Tennessee in 1924. We are African American so more than likely that was not our original name. Is there a website I can go to find out more about the African Americans Tolers.

Very curious Bridgette


I am a Toler descendant.  My grandmother was Katie Aurora Toler b 1877 who married Robert Elisha Turner in Attala county, MS in 1898. I have been interested in her line for many years.

The earliest Toler I can find of my line is her grandfather John Howell Toler b 1812 Jones Co. GA d 1881 Attala co. MS. Family lore says this group is originally from NC.

John Toler had a brother named William J. Toler b in 1810 and a sister named Sarah Toler Perkins born 1815.  He may also have had another brother named Dempsey Toler according to family lore.

This group of Tolers  appears to have moved to Crawford Co. GA and at that time, John Howell Toler and his brother-in-law John Perkins joined the GA Indian War against the Creek Indians for about three months.  When their enlistment was over in 1837, they migrated to Attala county, MS where John settled and raised a family of 12 children. He and his wife Delilah Glover Toler are buried there.

William J. Toler also settled in Attala co. MS and raised 6 children until his death sometime before 1870.  His widow, Melinda remained there until after 1880.  I can find nothing later about that family.  John Toler's good friend and brother-in-law, John Perkins also came to Attala co. MS but migrated on to TX where he and Sarah Toler Perkins are buried in Limestone county. Sarah died there in 1900.

I am still working on Dempsey and believe I have found evidence of him and that he died in Upson co. GA before 1850.  His widow Mary Carter Toler and her 4 children then migrated to Pike Co. AL with her father. She did not remarry and was buried near Troy in Pike Co. AL in 1860. I am now searching for descendants of her son Zechariah Toler.

I am delighted to have been sent to your Newsletter site and have found it most interesting. I would love to compare lines to any other Tolers that can trace their lines back through NC or GA.

Thank you,
Nancy Turner Grogan

                      Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 05:07:11 EST

                      Hi ,
                      My name is Melissa Toler and i would love to find out more
                      info on the  Tolers. My Fathers name was Dennis Toler. He was killed in
                      the #9 Farmington mine explosion in 1968 at the young age of 23. I
                      was a yr old   and my mother was 9months pregnant with my youngest
                      brother. Dennis  Toler was the oldest son of Courtney and Alley (Walker)
                      from Justice WV. Courtney was my grandfather. They had
                    Dennis, Burnis, Otis, David, Judy, Susan, Illene and Patsy Toler.
                      If there is anyone with any  info on a Courtny Toler Id greatly appreciate it.
                      Thank you so much and I love the site!!!!!!!

Subject:         surname Toler DNA group
   Date:         Sat, 1 Feb 2003 13:40:16 -0600
   From:         "Nancy Grogan" <>

My name is Nancy Turner Grogan.  I am the grand-daughter of Katie Aurora Toler Turner,
great-grand-daughter of James Alexander Toler and ggrand-daughter of John Howell Toler b 1812
Jones Co. GA.

I have formed a group of Tolers for a DNA Testing purposes with Family Tree DNA company of
Houston, TX and wanted to invite any of you whose Toler family ties go back through GA and NC
to join me in order to prove or disprove kinship. For further information please go to the
following site:

In condensed form: This company has marked 12 sites on the "Y" chromosome which are exactly the
same for all males related to each other for as many as 14 generations from a common ancestor.
Only men have a "Y" chromosome and there must be no maternal interruption in the lineage. I
have two male Toler cousins of my line representing our DNA type.

You will find on that site, among all of the various data and services they provide, the Y-DNA
surname test kit that can be purchased directly from them for $99 as a group member or $150 as
an individual. I derive no economic benefit from this, but that is the reason I formed a group.
The kit includes two small brush-like swabs with which he gently scrapes some cells from the
inside of his cheek and puts into a vial of preservative.  There are two vials for two
consecutive days. The vials should be capped and sent back to the laboratory for testing in
Houston. In about three weeks they send the participant the results of the test. If he signs
the included release form his test results can not only be compared with the members of our
surname group but he will also be notified if any other male from any other group exactly
matches his DNA. So far, ours is the only group for the Toler/Turner surname, but since the
results are held for 35 years, that won't always be so.

We have only 3 participants now and therefore I have them included with my Turner group. Should
more of you like to join us, I can easily split this off into an exclusive Toler group.

Two of the Toler tests have been completed and returned so far. I am particularly interested in
any Tolers with GA ties and lines that go back through NC.

Thank you,
Nancy Turner Grogan

Hi Vern:
This is Mike Olsen.  I appreciate your help in trying to track down my family history (Jasper Anderson To(w)ler.  I guess I'm one of the black sheep no one wants to remember.
Per Jasper's Death Certificate, from L.A. County, CA., his parents were Joseph To(w)ler and Elizabeth Dowdy in Macon, GA.  Joseph was a farmer.
Jasper was born August 26, 1867, and died May 27, 1944.
Thanks again.  Mike
P.S. Please note change of email address.    jerry whitten


*** Need more stories, please submit some!!!! Thanks.

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