Easily Connecting Your Amiga?

This page is specifically for a PPP account with Netcom in the United States.This page can be adapted easily for other providers.

AmiTcp -NSDI
MUI 3.3
YAM 1.2

Screen shots: This is comming soon!

  1. AmiTCP
  2. mui
  3. ppp
  4. amftp
  5. YAM 1.2 pics

Connecting YourAmiga!!!!!

AmiTcp 4.1 installation

  • * Run the install program for AmiTCP
  • * select expert user, click proceed
  • * select log file, click proceed
  • * a readme file will be displayed, close the window and click proceed
  • * select from the list:

    • AmiTCP/IP
    • Sana II drivers
    • Napsaterm fonts
    • click proceed
    • * select the drawer to install to.

      • NOTE: you will have to create the dir to put the files in, installer will not Make an 'AmiTCP' dir.
      • * some files will be copied
    • * if you have an 020 or better, it will ask if you want the 020 version
  • * insert disk 2
    • * it will ask if you want to use Amigaguide or Multiview to view the help files.
      • (Multiview comes with AmigaDOS 3.x)

    • * it will ask to make some changes to user-startup,
      • select yes

    • * it will ask where to put the Napsaterm fonts,
      • select fonts:

    • * it will copy sana 2 drivers and example files,
      • select proceed

    • * it will ask to start config amitcp,
      • select no

  • There is a 4.1-4.2 patch lha, available on Aminet. un- lha it and run the installer script to update AmiTCP to version 4.2.
  • reboot, then copy 'PPPNetcomScript' to amitcp:bin.
  • Then go to amitcp dir and run amitcp config from the icon.
    • * select expert user, proceed
    • * select log file, proceed
    • * on the "please read" screen, select proceed
    • * it will ask for the default name, this is for AmiTCP logon only, so it can be anything you want.
    • * it will ask for the login name.
    • * for the user ID and group ID, select the defaults
    • * enter the real name, ie 'John Doe'
    • * select the home dir for the user, just select system:
    • * select add user
    • * it will bring up the Amitcp logon screen and ask you to set up a password, later you can tell amitcp to automatically log you on when you start amitcp, so you won't have to manually logon every time.(this is what I do.)
    • * select PPP configuration
    • * select yes when it lists the interface information
    • * select serial device for the device driver, then slect unit 0
    • * enter the modem speed. 57600, for 28800 modems (not sure if netcom handles 115200 but you can try it. you can always change this number later)
    • * enter 1500 for the MTU speed
    • * select the PPP dialup script.
      • NOTE: use the script I gave you,open a shell and copy it to amitcp:bin (if you haven't yet), then select it in the install program
    • * for PPP options, select Carrier Detect, Hardware handshake
    • * for extra options, just select proceed
    • * on the info screen, check the info and select proceed.
      • NOTE: there will be an option called '7WIRE' listed for PPP, this is the hardware handshake option you selected.
    • * for domain name, enter 'ix.netcom.com'
    • * select yes on the 'do you intend to run server programs'.this may be needed depending on the mail/news program you run, and also if you plan to use a 'talk' program.
    • * enter the name servers, for netcom they are:
    • select proceed on an empty line to continue
    • * select proceed for the domain name to search.
    • * select no for the password screen to avoid having to log on amitcp every time you start it.
    • * select no for starting amitcp automatically when you boot your amiga
    • * select yes for updating user-startup

    Well, that's it for AmiTCP, now for PPP:

    • * un-lha the archive somewhere
    • * copy the files in the 'bin' dir to your 'amitcp:bin' dir
    • * from 'devs' copy the 'ppp.device.020.eval' to devs: as 'ppp.device'
    • * in 'env' copy the 'sana2' dir to envarc:
    • * copy the PPP.guide file somewhere for reference.

    * reboot


    The MUI archive has instructions for installing it.

    You should be able to follow the instructions in the setup program.

    Well, now you should have a working TCP/IP.
    Start it by typing 'startnet' from the shell. stop it by typing 'stopnet'.

    If this doesn't work, e-mail me and I'll help you troubleshoot it, but you shouldn't have a problem, I have installed it several times already in the past few months on a 3000T and 2000.

    You can use Amitcp's command line ftp if you don't have an FTP program.
    The command is 'ncftp (host)', once it connects, you can login and do regular command-line ftp type commands.


    This is a good ftp program and easy to set up.

    • TIP: When you start AmFTP, it gives you a list of Amiga FTP sites. when you click on one, a list of options appears to the right.
    • Make sure you UNCHECK the ADT server button. ( This will give you a normal ftp type dir listing bu doing this ).


    I suggest you ftp the 'thor222main.lha' and 'thorinet.lha' from aminet. This is a news program. although it is pretty big package to set up, but is is very nice.

    Just remember your news server for netcom is nntp.netcom.com.


    For Yam the mail server is smtp.ix.netcom.com.

    I will be adding external viewers for sound and stuff in a week or two for plugging into your browser.

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