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Connecting YourAmiga!!!!!

This page will be specifically for a PPP connection to Netcom, who has local dial-ups all over the United States. But can be easily modified for use with most other service providers.
If there is a question about Got Net ,another ISP in my area, I have also set up simular accounts for Amiga users on their system.
Here you will find the install instructions for AmiTCP, PPP, MUI, Ibrowse, YAM, Play 16, and a few other external viewers.

NOTE: I am referring to AmiTcp 4.1 this is a registered version I received with my computer. I've looked at 4.0 demo and I would agree if that was all that I've seen of AmiTcp then yes I would think it was hard as hell to install. I being a relative novice still think 4.0 demo is really hard to install. Although it cost a few bucks the registered version is incredibly easy compared to the demo version. Have I said this enough!!
There is a file called PPPNetcomScript, you will need to copy that file later on. It is a sample script that should log you on to Netcom or any other PPP service provider, you will just have to change the username and password to match yours.
Ok, if anything needs to be changed to make it easier to understand, that is what the mailbox on the left is for. So please use it.
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