Arap's Turkish House-Cafe 


   Where you can find the hospitality without caring the difference among people    

Nothing is more symbolic of Turkish hospitality than the tradition of tea drinking tiny tulip shaped glasses of dark tea carried on a swinging brass tray are brought to encourage either a bargaining session in the shops or a new friendship in the home.  Turkish tea is always made in double boiler. Boiling water from the lower kettle is poured over the dry leaves in teapot. Together they are allowed to steep over a low flame till with boiling water from the kettle.  Tea can be kept hot all day without ever becoming bitter ; because the tea leaves themselves never boil.   

  Afiyet olsun .... 

Welcome Our Cafe 

where you will find some info this side of the world where i live.

  That's My World 

Please Come in and sit down , take a couple of Turkish Tea or Turkish Cafee and keep watching the surronding We are glad to serve the Human-Beings    

süleyman sahin , Ankara - TURKEY
The citizen of The World