The Shell Game will no longer accept updates to the database
and has been out of date since 2005.
You are welcome to still search it for whatever the (undoubtedly old) contents are worth.

The Shell Game

A directory of dial-up shell providers across the United States
sponsored by Computer Workshops, Inc.

Welcome to The Shell Game, an in-progress directory of dialup shell service providers across the United States. If you're trying to get on the Net with an older computer that can't do SLIP/PPP or can't do it well, this is your lucky day. Search for services in your area code or get information on how to connect your computer to the Internet through a dialin shell accout. This is dialup shell only. If you're looking for a Telnet shell account, try the Free Shell Provider List. International support is forthcoming.

Not sure what this is all about? Need help? Read the Shell Game Frequently Asked Questions and find out.

Is your favourite service not listed? Tell us about it. Remember, we're after dialup shell only: not Telnet shell accounts, and not shell accounts that you have to use SLIP/PPP and then telnet to get to. We're talking direct dial. If your favourite provider qualifies, then mail us.

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