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Your Comments on the 2000 Survey

Below are your comments on the 2000 survey, on what I missed, things to be improved, and your suggestions. I've still got some questions, but I'll put them up and people can reply at their leisure to Names have been withheld to protect the guilty. Again, thanks to everyone who participated!
 CBM 710 two 3022 printers 
Noted. Yes, I made a big boo-boo forgetting the B series.
  dps-1101 daisy wheel printer 
  I own a CMD FD-2000 Drive and have all the drives
and Computers with JiffyDos I am Cool Commodore User in Virginia!
Hey, everybody's cool in the South (except in the summertime).
I access the net with a WebTV set top box.
This is more common than I thought. I will include it next time.
   I think a 64 compatible laptop or a Gameboy like system that could run
Commodore games on gameboy like cartridges (flash memory?) would be great. 
Remember the Nintendo GameBoy uses the Vic-20's 6502 as its main CPU.
I agree, it would be very cool. But doesn't the GameBoy use some sort of Z80?
   Merry Xmas and happy new year!
You, too! And tell everyone you know that 2000 is not the start of the New Millenium(tm).
   IEEE interfaces-have 1 CBM, plus 6 other.
Would also be interested in swapping/buying some CBM gear I "need" :)
Which model numbers?
  c-64 minitel modem (1200/75 300/300) 
How widespread was Minitel outside of France? Was this a Commodore device?
   Other 8-bit computer I own: Intel MCS52 BASIC computer.
(Sorry, I submitted wrong email address first time:
 [email address withheld]
 I therfore submit again
 Hope this will not cause problems.)
Nope, survey corrected successfully. :-)
   Sorry I get on the internet with my commodore through the library I Guess
that counts as a shell account but its free you just dial the librarys number. 
Probably yes.
   At the time being, I'm not using my C64 since I don't
have time. I will come back to it when my master's thesis
is complete (at least I hope)
Doesn't school suck? :-P
  Two Joysticks, can't remember the type numbers 
For which computer?
  Both 128D's are dead. One flat 128 had the 64k vdc added.
One 1581 is dead as is one 1571
I have most of the vic 20 C= cartridges as well as the the Super Epander
for the ec64 and vic 20 -The peripheral question could also include Partner
64; chips incl Randy Winchester's - still sells new. Might mention
BBU. Some indication of how many use inkjets/lasers.
Scanners (as with Geofax/fax machine, 4scan, hand held)
digitizers.  N first attempt to reach site rejected [name withheld]
Noted (Partner 64, Antigrav Toolkit, BBU, scanners). A lot of people mentioned VIC-20 cartridges but I'm unwilling to put these in the survey since I don't have too complete a list and also it would make it very long.
   A couple things:
You should probably add 'other' textareas to more of 
the questions.  On the 'third-party peripherals' question,
there was no place to list my CMD trackball, and 
on the 'what other systems do you own'
question, I couldn't list my two Apollo workstations 
anywhere. :-)
Also, you might want to add ACE to the list of operating
systems.  Whenever I want to use a terminal or just want
to copy files and stuff, I use ACE.
ACE was a terrible omission. Sorry, Craig Bruce! Trackball noted. And what on earth are you doing with Apollo systems? :-)

I do plan to add more "fill-in" fields to the next survey.

   RAMBOard 8k+parallel connection for 1571, also 1541 version. Making plans
to build these units. Also working on building an eprom programmer. I've got a
x1541 cable, and am in the process of getting a XP1541 cable. 
I intend to ask about x1541 cables and similar devices in the next survey.
MMF 9000  1570 
Oh no, I forgot 1570s again!
   Please support international orders!
This must be a Computer Workshops request. You can order internationally, but I do need the money in US funds (an international postal order works fine). One of these days I will get credit card support working.
   I also have got an Olivetti L1 M40ST with 8" Disk Drive and Winchester hard
disk. It uses a Zilog Z8001 CPU (very rare).
Yup, just like the CBM 900.
   I am interested in buying new software but none has interested me much
except for Wheels 64/128 and PostPrint II.
Well, programmers, your work is cut out for you. :-)
  I have way to much stuff to list. 
But do try! :-)
   operating system: ACE
*sheepish grin*
  MPS 1200 My c64 and 1541s are grey.
I have heard of these grey systems. Worth a Secret Weapons entry? MPS 1200 noted.
 Long Live the Commodore! and May it grow and prosper for another 15 years.
Amen, brother.
   I also own a BBC Master Compact computer and I sometimes use the DOS port of
the emulator Come Back 64.  And also, it's difficult to work out what you mean
by "primary system".  If you mean primary as in favourite, then definitely the
C64 of course.  If you mean primary as in the system I use the most, then in
recent times it would have to be my PC.  I'm assuming that this is the correct
Unfortunately, yes.
  MPS-1200 I've only just discovered C64 on the net, so I was prompted to set
the thing up again!  I've got a heap of software, keyboards (working &
not-working), cables, manuals, etc. and I had about 150 or so RUN, COMPUTE and
COMPUTE'S GAZETTE mags but mum decided to throw them away a few years ago...
Hope this info can help you!
It does! MPS-1200 noted.
  1 B/W Matrix Printer MPS1230 
This is a new one on me. Noted.
out of order
1 C64 old pcb
1 1541c I have had a PC20II but, sold it a month ago. Mousepad  :-) I use the
64netwith Geos/Megapatch64
and a OKI OL400e Laser Printer on paralell port
(HPIIP compatible) with HP Printer Driver
MegaPatch3 was another embarrassing omission. Noted.
  1 Magic Voice Speech Modul 
These are kind of uncommon, but I might ask about them. I have one too. :-)
   You forgot Ahoy!, the ultimate Commodore magazine.  I also subscribed to
Family Computing for the C64 programs.
Both good magazines, but I'm interested particularly in what people are reading right now.
  MPS-something C (color matrix printer) I've used CCS64 under Linux too!
Is that version still supported? I thought Marko stopped working on it after version 0.9.
   I also have 2 excellerator plus disk drives for my C64s.
Same as the Oceanics.
   Looks good Cameron!  Maybe a field where people can type in what the plan
on upgrading to in the near future would help?
A good suggestion. Unfortunately, the results might be kind of depressing. :-(
   One piece of hardware you didn't cover was Commodore's MPS-1200 printer
(which is the model printer I have for my Commodores. I don't know if this
counts, but I use Tandy CM-5 monitor for the 80-column mode of my 128.
Otherwise, a great survey! :)
I might have a fill-in slot for third-party monitors. Thanks for the kind word!
   You have beautiful thighs.
This better not be who I think it is.
   Great survey Cameron! I missed the CMD Smartmouse
and no mention of MP3 :-( I look forward to the results.
Both sheepishly noted. Thanks!
  Commodore 2002 Video Monitor 
Hmm. Noted.
  Magic voice I also have a scanntronik handyscanner,1 video byte II, 2
computer eyes video digitizers,1 sew sfd 1001 interface,2 icepic carts,1
freeze machine, 1 provoice,2 voice messengers,1 rabbit 64 cart,1 bi80 80
column cart,1 covox voice master,1 super sketch.Plus other stuff im forgetting.
Wow, all definitely stuff to be included. Video Bytes are interesting devices.
many drives and many monitors    
Too much to list, eh? :-)
 The 500 actually is 500+, the ECS model with 1MB Chip and AmigaOS 2.04
The 1200 is btw my most powerful computer at home (68030@50 MHz, 2MB Chip, 4MB
Fast, 60MB HD) VIC-1xxx RS232-interface current loop (never used, in box) Add
a field like this one for "other computers you own", as there might be 80's
home computers not included in the choices you list.
Planning to. I thought the 500+ became the 600.
   I still love my CBM +4 to this day.
And so do I. :-) Er, my Plus/4, that is.
   Do you regularly call into a commodore BBS or have local access to a BBS?
Do I? Yes. Oh, wait, you're making a question suggestion. :-) I might also ask about usergroups, too.
  1 Commodore paddle pair I admit that my primary system is my PC--however, if
I ever get a bigger apartment (or house) I would take out my Commodore 64 and
use it more.  However, I have started programming on my VIC-20 again (just
updating/finishing some of my old home-made games) and I will add these
programs to my web page ( and
announcing them to the newsgroups.
This probably gives his identity away, but I suppose he won't mind the web traffic. Paddles noted. We need more VIC-20 developers, so carry on! :-)
  2 * mps 1250  I access the internet through a modem , phoneline, isp ..
what option is that up there?
I would guess SLIP/PPP?
   I am planning on building a Commodore 64 tower this summer.
Also, one in a desktop case (probably from an A2000).
Good luck! Nate Dannenburg may be able to help, here's his home page.
2 Commodore B128-80 Systems (surprised its not listed)  Commodore Paddles and
Commodore MPP-1361 Printer (IEEE-488 based for B128)
Which model of joystick?
   Canon Printer, Star NL-10 (no innate serial port!), 
Archimedes computer
Wish I had an Archie.
   What is this for?
Hopefully to give everyone a clearer picture of how Commodores are being used nowadays, for both users and developers.
-uses like demo coding, swapping & other demo-scene stuff!
-common books (PRG's etc)?
Books might be a good idea to add. I'll think it over. Lightguns noted.
   My first "real" computer was an 8K 2001 w/built-in cassette and
chiclet keybd, bought in 1978. Sadly, I no longer have it. I
started collecting C= stuff about three years ago to save it
from going to landfills or being destroyed by idiots monkeying
with it in thrift stores. I don't really use the stuff for
much of anything; I mostly refurbish it, repair if necessary,
then put it on the shelf to look at and marvel at how far and
how fast the computer industry has come. I guess I got carried
away with the collecting bit as I also have a bunch of Tandy
and Apple products in addition to the PCs which I actually use.
BTW, my life-long career has been in all phases of the 
electronics field so, besides being a packrat, I can't stand
to see "good electronics stuff" get trashed!
[name withheld]
Absolutely. If nothing else, there's plenty of other Commodore users who would gladly help you with your excess stock saved from a landfill grave. :-)
 I think a Commodore PC10? I got it for free, never used it.  Hand helds! Like
Psion and Palm Pilot computers!
I really think I will add that fill-in field for other computers, after all. :-P
None None  Got a CMD Smartmouse as well
Didn't see it on the list
  MPS 1200 A white 1541 is not necessarily a C! Hope that I hit the correct
Mouse and Datasette
Why, what white 1541 do you have?
 Some of your "blanks" will not accept more than one digit - I couldn't give
proper answers to age and date of first Commodore. (Age is 50= for both of us
and we first got Commodores in 1983.)
What browser did you use? It seemed to work okay for me.
SuperPET SP-9000, Commodore P-500  8023 Printer, 2040 Printer You forgot
BBS as a usage.  ;)
Heh, yes. :-)
   VideoByte video digitizer, SwiftLink, C64Link(IEE-488 thingie),
C64Link? Whassat?
   You left off "I am my own generic Internet provider".  
I posted the message about your survey to Tifcu.  Hope it brings results. 
  A Commodore printer but I'm afraid I can't remember which. 
There were indeed quite a few.
  MPS 1200  I was using my C128D to access the net until the only shell
provider here in Greece droped it. I am forced to use the
IBM compatible
to access the net for now until I get "The Wave".
 I do all that I want from a computer with my C128D.
 I have even developed a greek font to write in greek
with geowrite even if it would be more easy to use the
ready greek fonts on a IBM compatible.
 I believe that using a Commodore is an act of freedom
against the monololy of IBM clones.
[name withheld]
I love it! :-)
  Cardco,Inc dc/1
 null-modem cable between pc and comodore
This might be worth asking next time around.
   amigas are missing...
Huh? I had a big section on those. Also, remember that it's primarily on 8-bits, and Amigas merely to see how many Commodore 8-bit users went for the Amigas, too.
   I also have a large variety of third party hardware add-ons: scanner,
diagnostic cartridges, eprom burner, network boxes for drives and printers
 add-on boards for various drives, etc.
EPROM burners might be a question to consider.
  All kinds of stuff.. Stuff that I've forgotten that I own. Being honest
about primary system.  I do use a clone to access
the net with though.  But my Commodores are ALWAYS in use, 24
hours a day (well not all of them, but at least one). About all
I use a clone for is net, scanning photo's (of Commodores). I
dabble in the emulators, but don't use any of them seriously,
don't see a need since I actually own a house full of Commodores
Well, emulators are very good for cross-development, but I don't do that anymore either -- I'm not around PCs much anymore, so I write on the real thing these days.
   I've recently unpacked my C-128d and am willing to buy stuff for it. Where
do I buy? Also, how do I subscribe to these magazines you list and what are
those OS's listed? (I'm an OS junkie by the way. I've try just about any new
OS that comes out. Even BeOS.)
All excellent questions. Since my concern, Computer Workshops, sponsored this survey, here's that URL (commercial and shareware Commodore software):

For software and hardware, both refurbished, used and (sometimes) new, try Creative Micro Designs, Vintage Computer and Centsible software (I don't seem to have a URL for them).

The major magazines published today are Go64! (which includes Commodore World), and Loadstar and Loadstar Letter.

Good luck!

 an real old Commodore calculator  
Calculators are a thought.
   - I have 8 JiffyDOS chips installed in 2 C128s and 6 drives. How many
  JiffyDOS do I have? 2 or 8?
- By GeoCable do mean the real thing, made by CMD, or any user port to RS-232
  paralel cable, bought or built?
- You forgot to include high-speed modem interfaces like Swiftlink, Turbo-232
  and Hart-Cart.
- You don't ask either how many RS-232 interfaces the user has.
- The modems I know don't care whether I use a user port or a cartridge port
  RS-232 interface. So, it's better to use "Any modem requiring a RS-232
  interface" instead of "Any modem requiring a userport-to-RS232 converter".
- If you consider Wheels, Gateway and CS-DOS as operating systems, you should
  also include ACE.
- You forgot to ask about utility ROMs like The Servant and KeyDOS.
- You forgot to mention the Super Graphix Gold printer interface.
- I believe some TEXTAREA should be provided for "Other third-party
  peripherals you own" and "Other utility cartridges, fastloaders and
  hardware upgrades you own".
For JiffyDOS, I want the number for the computer, not the disk drive. Fortunately, I was just looking at set numbers, not value totals, so that shouldn't have affected anything.

I meant real geoCables.

KeyDOS, Servant and SG Gold noted, and the textareas will indeed be in the next survey.

   Just a tidbit.  Any homebrew hardware that is being used(ie homemade power
supplies, video cables, etc).
I personally have a modified pc power supply that supplies power to 2 1541
II's and 2 1581's at the same time.  Just a suggestion.
I might include this as a fill-in.
  2002 Monitor 
none none Volks 6480 1200 baud modem
 Have every issue of Compute!'s Gazette
and use my 3 1902/1702 monitors for a Playstation/N64 and
The Volks probably goes with the Hes and Mighty Mo as directly compatible Commodore modems.
  8 port serial buss multiplexor I didn't see the Micrografix MW350 printer
interface listed. Perhaps you should also add other SCSI devices such as
CDROM, ZIP drive, etc.
Thanks so much for all you do for the C= community.
I might ask a generic question about what other devices you have connected to your SCSI bus. Serial bus multiplexer? Which brand? And thanks for the kind word!
   JOS :) no else besides me uses it anyway yet..
But I bet it's good! ;-)
   I'm planning to buy a SCPU, how do I register it?
I don't have planning-to-buy on the survey yet, but it appears to be a frequent request.
   I have a free ISP - I only pay by the minute - so AOL is the closest I
could get
That would fall under PPP/SLIP on another ISP, actually, not AOL.
 OC-118N Floppy drive
What's the difference between this and the Oceanics/Excelerators?
   Did not have Comal cart nor language anywhere in the form . :-)
But it's software, not hardware! :-P
   Make the monitor list to include Philips CM8833 (which is basically the
same monitor as 1084S with a different front mask) or at least mention it as an
alternative to 1084.
Well, if I did that I'd need to include all the Magnavoxes too, and I don't have an exhaustive list, unfortunately. Weren't there some Thomsons that were rebadges also?
   The year 2000 marked the transition from the C128 to
the A2000 computer.  I am in the process of liquidating my
Commodore 8-bit stuff.
It was still the greatest little computer ever made!
So why liquidate? ;-)
  Joysticks (3) and paddles (2 pairs).  CP/M cartridge (2)
3rd party peripherals could be expanded to include: numeric keypads,
musical keyboards, shortwave radio, etc.
I think the shortwave radio packet drivers are kind of a niche item :-)
 I'd like to buy one of those LCD models (don't remember the model #).  Any
idea about those?  Don't know wether to put my NEC 8201a down as an Intel
machine (it has a 8085 chip) or as a TRS-80 (it is very similar to the TRS-80
Model 100).  You can either put me down for two Three Intels, one PC, one Model
100, and one NEC 8201a, or 1 Intel and two TRS-80's.  Whatever.
Also, I have a fastloader called "Warp Drive" (not WarpSpeed).  It's made by
I don't think Warp Drive was a cartridge -- is it? By the way, both the LCD models are sadly secret weapons; the HHC-4 and the LCD were never manufactured.
   Also own a Gamatic 7600 (Pong-clone) console. :9
Interesting. Which country?
  Monochrome 80-column monitor for my C128D.
I don't know the number for it, but it is a Commodore
monitor. I would only buy software if the price was right.
Could be a 1802?
   perhaps you should ask how long users actually used thier systems.  I
bought my C64 13 years ago but I stopped really using it about 8 years ago
A good idea.
 MPS 1250, 
None  MPS-1200 Printer I have boxes full of C64 & 128 sfotware, including GEOS.
My ISP provides a menu from which I can select shell access.
I have many, many books related to the Commodore.
My family and friends have been harassing me for years to buy a real
computer.  Maybe this year I'll give in and get one :)
But the 64 is a real computer! ;-)
   Need a graphic browser for the internet-SOON!!!! for C=64.
I know Maurice is working on it but need SCPU to run it...
$300 investment---ouch!!!
<plug shameless>So look at HyperLink 2.5! It just needs a regular Unix shell account.</plug shameless>
   I access the internet through a text connection to my local library system
on my Apple IIgs. The survey only gave me the option to select a PC or
Commodore for internet access.
I think what I'll do in future is divide it into Commodore, other 8-bit system, or PC/Mac/Unix.
   And my parents think I'm crazy for still owning my Commodores ;-)
Once I get a hard drive and a faster modem, I *can* use my C128D as my prmary
system :)
Cool! My parents think I'm nuts, too, but my dad still likes to play Raid on Bungling Bay on the emulator.
   As for the Emulators......DL'ed CCS64 and think it's pretty cool, but would
very much like to see a C64 OS for the PC's.  A "new" C64, so to speak.    :)
An interesting idea!
 Other computer I own: An Acorn RiscPC running RISC OS (not available in the
U.S. AFAIK) I use both VICE and Frodo on RISC OS.
I want an Acorn. I also want an Archimedes.
A ChessMate...   I missed the "other third party utility carts" (like my
trusty old Power Cartridge, and my Nordic Power (AR clone))
VIC-20 game carts are kind of missing too.
Power Cart and Nordic Power noted. No VIC-20 game carts, though, for reasons listed above (it's software and I don't have an exhaustive list -- it would also make the survey unnecessarily long). ChessMate, hmm, wonder who this is? ;-)
  MPS-1200 Printer, Star NX-1000 (not CBM interface) used with my Xetec Super
Graphics adapter, Switch Shooter (Plugs into both game ports and allows you to
switch which game port your joystick or mouse uses by pushing a button) I
would like to see computers based on or compatible with the commodore 8-bits
make a big come back.
Could you please E-mail your survey results to me and the other participants.
MPS-1200 noted, NX-1000 noted. Switch Shooter -- interesting device.

As for E-mailing the survey, that would probably cause more problems than it solves, but of course you can always read it right here!

  Two "SKAI-64" 1541 compatibles, sold in the US as the "FSD-1".
the above is what works, I have more dead ones which I just can bare to
scrap.....  3040 PET dual drive
1570 single sided 1571
Viatel adaptor (expansion port modem to dedicated info service), made by
Commodore Australia
Vic-Switch (not sure of model or working state, in transit)
Again the above only includes working units Harddrive support is via a software
emulator for the serial link.  Hardrive, PC control board and PSU are squeezed
into a 1571 case.
Interesting setup! I'm going to have to figure out how to make one of those. How common was Viatel? Minitel has also been asked about here.
 Amiga 2000  
Listed under the Amiga section.
   I use other Emulators as well like UAE or Fellow, SNES, Pacifist etc.
I wonder how common Amiga emulators are. PacifiST is pretty good.
  VC-1541 in white (is this a 1540 re-rommed & re-badged?) Trilogic's EXPERT
cartridge. (UK)
PC-VIC vic20 emulator for DOS.
C64 IEE488 cartridge by Stack, UK
As for hardware I did own and gave away... SFD1001, 
Interpod (a serial bus to IEEE488 and RS232 converter. Still have docs
though :-))
You gave away an SFD? Shame on you! :-P

Trilogic cart noted. I don't know about the VC-1541 -- anyone want to elaborate?

   I'm not sure about the number of tape-drives ;)
Oh, just guess. :-)
   Didn't explicitly mention Amstrad 8-bit computers - these were quite popular in the UK (third in the 8-bit market). The two I've got (though both needing
fixed) are natively CPM, so got mentioned. Other models weren't.
My 'Other light pen' is actually a gun...
PS: Various bits and bobs of mine are broken, but I included them in counts..
This might explain all the "other light pen" entries. Please don't include broken items, since that doesn't really help anyone (I'm sure there's plenty of Commodores in pieces around the world :-( ).

Amstrads noted. I always wondered how they fit in the market with the Sinclairs and Acorns.

   I also own KCS Power Cartridge.
  C64 CPM Cartridge Hearsay 1000, Star NX1000 multifont
Noted (all three).
   My 64 on occasion becomes my primary computer, that is for weeks, or even a
few months at a time it is the only one I will turn on and almost completly
ignore my IBM. Then again sometimes it is the other way around.
Consider extending this time. Have you not heard that more time with your Commodore improves your sex life? Neither had I, but anything to increase Commodore usership helps. ;-)
one of the brown C64s has Greek chars rom installed, with a small switch on
the side for changing between English/Greek    I'm a member of the Gamebase 64
project team
Official Commodore patch or homebrew?
  1960 monitor 
Haven't heard of this one. Monochrome or colour? Composite or RGBI?
  Compunet Modem 
Now we're up to Viatel, Minitel *and* Compunet. :-)
 1084-monitor Umm.. well.. nothing, really. :)
Listed in the peripherals section :-)
   I have owned both an amiga 500 and an amiga 2000, but alas, they are gone.
You have my sincerest condolences. :-(
IQ 151, PMD 85 II   
What are these?
cool survey!
another scene related survey would be fun!
A guy I know is indeed working on one. Stand by! And thanks for the kind word.
An odd Commodore 64, made in 1984 ... greyish white breadbox case with white
keyboard (first generation C64 keyboard, white, graphics on FRONT of keys,
unlike ALDI) .. IS NOT an Aldi or variant thereof, its in USA ... never seen
one like it before and according to everyone I have contacted no one else has
This almost sounds like a 64G except for the date.
  The 1764 is upgraded to 512k. Turbo 232/Bocamodem 33.6
Panasonic KX-P1123; KX-P1180
Canon BJC-250
Bags of power, serial and monitor cables.  Only one 80 col
cable. :-(    Box of C64 manuals and prgmr guides.
Printers noted, T232 too. :-) One of those tricked-out REUs, eh?
   I have the Simon's Basic cartridge (it would fall under
utility cartridges maybe?)
I had a hard time with all the model numbers.
It might help those of us who don't actively use their
equipment any more if you futher catogorize the Commodore
equipment (i.e. "Disk Drives" "Printers" "Hard Drives")
A good suggestion. I'll implement it.
  3022 Series Tractor Printer (PET printer)
3040 Dual disk drive (PET disk drive)
CompuNet Modem - Cartridge port box + ROM  
3022, 3040, CN modem noted. Explain about the cartridge port box.
   Commodore 64/128 is in need of PPP capability and a decent web browser.
Once those two things exist, the Commodore will once again BE MY MAIN SYSTEM.
I would leave the PC in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!  I would even sell my PC off,
that is all I use PC for is web access, no shell access available here.  I
need PPP on a Commodore!!!!!!!!!
LUnix does PPP today, and if you have an SCPU and Wheels, The Wave will do it tomorrow. And if all you have is a stock system, with nary a SwiftLink, so will HyperLink.
CBM 500/600/700, some Pet Parts  MPP 1361, MPS 4022, MPS 3022, MCS 801, 
CBM8000- Video Interface and some nice hacks.. 
Dual 1541 with speed-Dos+ 40tracks, 64er Tower..  visit my german site for
more infos :
.. a nice happy new year !!!
All noted. CBM8000 Video Interface? Are the MPP 1361 and MCS 801 also printers? Or did you mean MPS?
   What´s the objetive of this test ?
Oh, don't worry, you passed. ;-)
   nice idea... keep on doing... ;)
Will do! :-)
   I didn't see a place to list my printer- a Samsung printer with full Epson
emulation (also emulates Prowriter). I also have Icontroller (which I love
along with my Smartmouse).
Icontroller noted, though I still consider it a joystick (if a really crummy one for playing games :-). I'm more interested in interfaces than printers, but I might ask brand names (if not specific models) in the next survey.
   You covered almost everything I can imagine :-)
Yes, I really own so many computers. I ran a commodore
computers hardware repair worshop for 13 years...
Ah, so it's YOU who's been skewing my totals! :-) And thanks for the kind word.
 Commodore IBM compatable serial mouse MPS 1230
1802 monitor Ask me about the 1541 i striped down and installed internally
inside my PC (using star commander)
Why not ask about 64<>PC transfer utils ppl use???
1802 was listed in the monitors section. MPS 1230 noted. I assume you mean one of the Commodore PC mice for the "serial mouse"? And yep, I do intend to ask about 64 and PC transfers in the next survey.
   Maybe you might suggest what online service if any you currently/or had
used?  i.e. Compuserve, QLink, etc.
Also, are you a current member or past member of a user group, ie Commodore
User Group, or general PC user group.  I also didn't see a listing for third
party monitors, Power 20 Emulator for Mac.  Does Jiffy Dos also include
Power 20 noted. The online service question and user group question are both excellent suggestions and will be implemented. I will fix the RAMLink one -- thanks for the heads up!
  VIC-1011A RS 232 C
   You forgot one thing what a Commodore can be used for:
Watching demos (pure entertainment)!
That's in fact my primary use for it.
Oh, surely there's more to it than that! ;-)
  2 joysticks 
Joysticks were on the survey.
   I own two other computers: Sun 3/50 and Alpha Multia
Whoa. What's an Alpha Multia? Sounds intriguing.
   Primary system is Amiga, but if I had some more money,
I'd start to build up the ol' 64! It's a cool system.
 In the points 'Any cartridge port expander' and 'Other hard drive' I referred
to my hard disk system which consists of: IDE64 v2.5 -cartridge, two 204MB
Seagate HDs in a PC-pizzabox-style case using a PC power supply (which also
supplies the power for my 1541-II :)
I figured out that a PageFox -module doesn't count as a RAM expansion although
it has 32KB RAM that some programs (for example GoDot) actually do make use of.
Well, by cartridge port expander I meant things like the Aprospand or the CMD EX+2. I will include IDE64 on the next survey. Yeah, PageFox doesn't count as an REU, but I will include the Scanfox on the next survey.
   "The Servant" internal "cartridge".
Self-made Light Pen.
Various transfer cables.
Servant noted.
   Computer selector from Radio Shack.  Allows two computers to be connected
to the same disk drives at the same time and then switch back and forth.
Was this for the Commodore serial bus?
   I (as do many) LOVE my C64! Probably a combination of nostalgia combined
with the fact that it really did kick ass and had some great software written
for it. The thing that gives me the greatest buzz is the quality of the demos
written in the last few years - totally incredible!
Yes, they keep getting better and better. People are now deep into the SCPU demo factory and those probably will be quite extraordinary.
 MPS 1230 printer
 Well, I sort of missed the mag options for those published outside the US (as
the editor of CZone I s'pose I would...)
I also missed an option for demos in the "what do you do" bit, since it's my
primary use.
I wonder who this is? ;-) I'll throw in CZone, just for you. People keep asking about demos as a specific use.
   CMD SMarttrack (I did'nt found the Smartmouse anyway ;-)
CMD Swiftlink
CD-ROM-Drive (via HD)
What do you use your Commodore 8-bit for? : handicrafts !
I also own a KC85/3 8-bit computer (product of GDR)
Hopefuly it helps :-)
Is there a way to see the results of evaluation?
[name withheld]
Yes, this page! :-) What's a KC85/3? Trackballs are another thing I missed -- thanks for the heads up.
   There was no question on what's my motivation to still deal with 8-bit
Commodores; (e.g. coding/watching demos, refreshing good old memories, the old
games are better than the recent ones, trying to find new use for the old
hardware etc.)
And all good reasons, too. :-)
  Floppy 1570 
*hangs head in shame*
CBM 610(3), CBM 710(1)  CBM BTX decoder(2), Eprom programmer(1),  The survey
is slightly in favour of U.S. hard and software. 
Several peripherials that were common in europe/germany are
not even mentioned. One example is the TurboProcess card 
(the predecessor of the Flash8) and the Amstrad/Schneider
computers that were at least as popular as the Atari 
machines here in germany.
My American bias is showing. :-) Okay, now up to Viatel, Minitel, Compunet and BTX. TurboProcess also noted.
  Filing cabinet (4 drawer)
MPS 1230 printer Panasonic 9 pin printer, Canon BJ-250
  icontroller I think you covered it all.  :-)
Sadly, not quite, but almost! :-)
   My "Other third-party RAM Expansion device" is a RAMDrive.
By which company?
CBM 710 (mainboard only)  1 CBM 8028 printer
1 CBM 4023 printer
1 CBM 3022 printer
1 C64G joystick
2 1570 disk drive
1 Commodore BTX Modul II
1 Commodore Magic Voice
Doesn't ACE from Craig Bruce count as an OS? I'm using it sometimes when I'm
working with Craig's assembler sources.
Some numbers I gave are only estimated, my Commodore stuff is not easily
accessible right now :-(
Will include ACE. All the rest noted. How common was BTX, anyway?
   canon bjc4400 colour printer
CMD Swiftlink
14.4 data fax modem
Noted. Thanks!
   hmmm, I said that the C= 8bit wasn't my primary system
(I use the Win/Linux box more) but I normally cross-develop
for the C64 than anything else on that "other" computer...
Eh, well, erm, um, ... :-)
   Atomic Power cartridge
Speed-DOS (with the old brown 1541)
What's an Atomic Power cartridge?
 Forever Commodore
Right on, brother!
   As to the primiary system.  Primary fun system yes.  But as I run a
business from the other system (can't restore pictures on a c64 anymore) I am
on it more.  If it was not for that I would STILL only have a 64. :)
So use GoDOT! It works great for image manipulation. :-)
   I have 256K RAM expansion (as described by Marko Makela) and
additional RamCart128K RAM module (quite similar to geoRAM).
Manufactured by whom?
Cameron Kaiser