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Here are some grabs from the original G-I version. G-II, though, will look pretty similar, so here's a good preview. Note that these don't incorporate the new TIM library that has an improved texture mapper (10/27/01). (Oh, and have you downloaded the G-I version yet?)

You can download screenshots in .CM format, smaller than .GIF, and view them with C64VIEW 0.499.1, or in Doodle!. Screenshots were dumped from Nether, turned into colourmaps, transferred to the PC, and turned into GIFs with C64VIEW and NeoGrab/NeoPaint.

Hmm, dark corridors mean nasty things ahead. Light-diminishing and texture-mapping make for the most realistic 3-D environment on the C64 to date.
Download as .CM

A pool of light illuminates an otherwise dark hallway. Multiple ambience levels and a new faster engine.
Download as .CM

A cryonics unit suspends someone in a glowing tank.
Download as .CM

A lamp briefly reveals something that might be a secret. Dynamic lighting means lights that can turn on and off and lighting manipulable in real time.
Download as .CM

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