As of 1 September 2009, HyperLink 2.5e is now freeware.
You may register it using special serial number 000059.

HyperLink 2.5e User's Manual

(C) 1994, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 Cameron Kaiser. All rights reserved.
Distributed by Computer Workshops, Inc.

This manual is intended for HyperLink 2.5e users only. For the old HyperLink 2.5 and 2.5a manual, go here.

This manual has multiple sections. Please be sure to read the Legal Information section at the end of this contents page.

Legal Information

HyperLink, HLPP, LinkScript, Computer Workshops and the Computer Workshops diamond logo are trademarks of Cameron Kaiser. (C)1994, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 Cameron Kaiser (henceforth Author). All rights reserved. The HyperLink client and the HLPP server program may not be reverse-engineered, hacked, altered or disseminated in an altered state without the express written consent of the Author. The registered version of the client may not be distributed without the express written consent of the Author. Please don't pirate.

This program, all documentation, and all associated utilities and executables are presented to you strictly "AS IS". No warranty, express or implied, is granted concerning its functionality or resemblance to specification. The Author will endeavour to ensure that the program and all associated components function as advertised, but in no way takes responsibility for any eventualities that occur from its use. You, as the User, are solely responsible for any issues that may arise from the use of this software and cannot assign liability to the Author or Computer Workshops in any eventuality related to the use of this software. All legal issues are to be handled in accordance with the State of California, United States of America.

If you purchased this program on floppy disk, Computer Workshops warrants the media only for up to thirty days after date of purchase. Please send your original disk to Computer Workshops, Inc.; ATTN: Media Replacement; 3612 Birdie Drive; La Mesa, CA 91941-8044. Offer void after thirty days after purchase. Valid only for defective media replacement. Not responsible for loss or mutilation of disks during mailing or transport. Disks not covered by warranty will not be returned. Valid only for disks purchased directly from Computer Workshops.