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Browsing Gopherspace with HyperLink

You must have HLPP version 1.1 or later to access Gopherspace sites. Please read the section onBrowsing the Web with HyperLink beforehand for general information on HyperLink 2.5e and Internet access. To find out what version of HLPP you are using, type hlpp -test to display version information.

HyperLink can also use HLPP to access Gopherspace, an older but still powerful information distribution technology. URLs starting with gopher:// are understood as Gopher requests.

HLPP will translate Gopher menus into LinkScript for you. Because Gopher menus are lightweight and small, they download quickly. Each choice on a Gopher menu has a particular item type associated with it, such as being another menu, a text file, an image file, a search engine, or other type of file. The item type for the choice appears directly above the choice, on the right.

Certain Gopher sites have search facilities available as choices. When you click on a search engine choice, you can search the resource by pressing S, the same way as you can search a searchable offline document or form on a Web page. The Gopher site will then present a new menu based on the search keywords you entered.

HLPP does not currently support Gopher+ access (or ASK forms), Telnet access, or CSO searches. These facilities cannot presently be translated by HLPP.