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Download Geotrope trailer


How to start

Type LOAD"CWI",D,1 where D is your device number. The Geotrope trailer can load completely from devices 8 to 11 without interfering with other serial bus devices.

The KXLoader auto-configuring loader will detect certain aspects of your system, including emulators, many fastloader cartridges and serial bus devices. Follow all applicable prompts if KXLoader requires additional information. If KXLoader is incorrectly autodetecting your system's devices, you may override it and specify them manually at any time. Please note that incorrect configuration may cause your system to behave adversely.


  • A 1541, 1571 or 100% compatible disk drive is absolutely required due to the custom routines used to load the animation. It may be installed as any device number. Cutscenes cannot play from any 3.5" drive or from any device installed through the expansion port.

  • The Geotrope cutscene demo is not compatible with the Epyx FastLoad or Final Cartridge III. You must completely remove these cartridges to play the demonstration. It has been tested compatible with the Super Snapshot v5 and the Action Replay v6. It has not been tested with other versions of these cartridges, with CMD JiffyDOS, the C64DTV, the CMD SuperCPU or the Retro Replay. Please report individual compatibility issues to spectre@deepthought.armory.com.

  • The Geotrope cutscene demo is PAL and NTSC compatible.

  • The Geotrope cutscene demo has been tested to be compatible with the latest versions of the VICE and Power64 emulators. It is not compatible with C64S. Full 1541 emulation is required.

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