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a free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular
-- adlai stevenson

cameron kaiser

who am I? ... just some 42-year-old primary care public health physician and tuberculosis specialist who got a degree in linguistics and for fun/money worked as a computer programmer on a university database system in a former life; now reformed and a pillar of the community and a bane of 4th year medical students. call me geeky (especially where my commodore 64 is concerned). call me fond of basketball and bowling even though I'm merely adequate at one and terrible at the other (you choose which). call me 6'2", just over 200 pounds and devastatingly attractive, just in case you were curious. call my politics "data-driven." call me a Macintosh fan (even though Apple isn't always either, are they?). call me a fan of old TV shows, good movies and composing my own music. call me a "roadgeek" who has driven across the united states and driven all the way to canada. definitely call me christian. southern californian since I was six; born in georgia; dual u.s. and australian (on my mum's side) citizenship. happy-go-lucky guy who sometimes does turn the computer off. and unlike most guys, I like cats better.

me in a nutshell:

Version: 3.1
GMD e++++ d- s++: a C++ UABH*++++ V P+++>$ L- E--- W++
N++ o- w--- M++ PS+ PE+ PGP t+ tv-- h r>+++ y?
decode this
(mild language warning; also, it's a bit
behind the times, especially w/r/t Macs, but it's
still quite amusing to read)

things I run online (I did say I was a geek): gopher.floodgap.com and www.floodgap.com | my open source software projects | browsers for vintage systems: tenfourfox.com, classilla.org | veronica-2 gopherspace search engine | httpi: "the little webserver that does tiny things" | the commodore knowledge base | the secret weapons of commodore | the little orphaned tomy tutor

make sure your cameron kaiser is 100% real: wondering if that slick E-mail or website came from me? okay, I wrote anything with my name on it if it originated from (in rough chronologic order): ucsd.edu from '93-'97 | armory.com (including deepthought) from '94 to present | sserv.com from '95-'98 | egate.net from '95-'97ish | concentric.net/cris.com ('cdkaiser') from '96-'99 | buoy.com from '97-'98 | ptloma.edu from '97 to '07 | aol.com ('cdkaiser') from '98 to present | llu.edu from '99 to '03 | floodgap.com from '00 to present. now you know.

moment of theoretical introspection: no, no matter how interesting you find me, i don't do blogs. i'm so prone to historical revision that any entry i'd post would be totally torn to shreds within months when i'd re-read it later and wonder just what the heck was i thinking then. and i find most social media, including Facebook, to be vacuous and spam-infested.

links: hey, wouldn't you like to go to loma linda university school of medicine? (sure you would) | uc san diego infopath carries many references; it's my alma mater | linguistics lets you talk more impressively (also it's a darn easy major) | keirsey temperament sorter determines your personality (Myers-Briggs -- i'm infj *warning - registration gestapo requirement*), -- then find out how they all work together | looking for nerdy love? try the guy's guide to geek girls | I write commodore software for computer workshops | card-carrying c64 disciple | proud Power Macintosh owner too (does that make me evil?) (I despise Intel Macs) | omigosh I am the master of totally useless trivia!

other (in)famous cameron kaisers: villain in the batman animated series with the same name (voiced by Mark Hamill; allegedly he's a billionaire ... could he send a little my way?) | someone in berkeley on a swim team

my favourite classic (and otherwise) tv shows: "good morning, mr. phelps" | "i see nothing" | "mrs. peel, we're needed" | "ranma, you're such a jerk" | "i should never have had him"

"it isn't illogical to believe in God"

last modified somewhere around october 2018

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