The programmer should be for production.
It should be powered by RS232.
Aviable current should be as high as possible.
Vcc should be fully adjustable in the range from 1.0V to 6.5V by software.
When it succeed programming, it should guarentee 13.0V Vpp and Vcc in the +/- 0.125V range.
Nothing shall explode if a 20A (+/-15V) power supply is connected to any RS232 input.
Current in no diode or transistor or capacitor, electrolytic as well as polyester, shall exceed the absolute maximum ratings.
Any applied voltage should not exceed maximum component ratings.
Electrolytics shall be right polarized at any time and at any moment.
No input levels at any chip shall exceed the maximum rated levels.
It should be build with very few components and
no component shall be special of any kind or in any manner.
And the disclaimer.


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