State Machines using EPROM's

The following files will help you design state machines using EPROM's and D flipflops. Don't laugh, they work.
Is the documentation for the ST2HEX2 program in Rich Text Format. My browser (MS Internet Explorer 3.0) automatically opens it with MS WordPad. Your browser may open it directly or allow you to download it, in which case you should be able to open it with any modern word processor (MS Word, WordPerfect for Windows, etc.)
Is a Fortran program converts state table data into hexadecimal form. The hexadecimal form is suitable for programming EPROM's for implementing the design with D flipflops. The EPROM's act as the input and output combinational logic in this type of design. The program includes extensive instructions and comments.
Is the compiled version of the ST2HEX2 program. It should run on any IBM compatible PC.
Is a sample input data file for use with the ST2HEX2 program. It describes an up/down BCD counter with reset to 5. It is the same example used in the program documentation (ST2HEX2.RTF).
Is the output file produced by the ST2HEX2 program when the sample input data file UDBCDPS5.STF is processed.
Is a Rich Text Format document explaining how to program EPROM's using MSOE's EP-1 programmer and the EP software from BP Microsystems.
Is a PKZip file containing the files listed above (ST2HEX2.RTF, ST2HEX2.FOR, ST2HEX2.EXE, UDBCDPS5.STF, UDBCDPS5.HEX and EPROMS97.RTF).

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