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Hey You!

Well, I've been dreaming up some great new pages to put here, but finding the time has proved challenging. Since what is here is so out of date I will delay no longer and at least put a little current stuff here. More extensive detail's about me are on the Rachel sub page.
I used to be in California, where this wonderful server is located. I went to UCSC and stuck around in Santa Cruz after finishing up. I've been writing web pages pretty much since html browsers became available. I've been "using" the Internet for several years longer than that ('round 1986). I design web pages in my spare time, and as spare time has become less available I have become rather behind in the latest web gizmos.

In addition to writting HTML I also program in Java, "do" computer security (and work in that area sometimes), and have been having fun playing on my Linux box and experimenting with various development and security tools.

Beyond the computer world I study Chassidus, Hebrew, Yiddish, Jewish Law, Niggunim, and other such stuff. I've begun teaching classes in Chassidus and hope to teach more.

I also have a lively trade in ideas. I like to think and share ideas with others. Some people I share ideas with include Pat Salsbury, and my husband Israel Rosencrantz.

I'll put more folks here as I uncover their web pages.

Below you will find some groupings of links which I now look on with historical interest. The web pages (with a few exceptions) listed on these sub pages existed back in the late 1980's (or maybe as late as the early 1990's) when the web was young. A couple of the pages re-located, but were re-locatable. Not all web servers started with www, and many of the sites which now enjoy their own domain names were simply pages under some other major server. Oh, and the concept of seeing things in other countries was still a novel thing. So, enjoy the pages while I rock in my chair and begin telling stories about "When I was a young whipper snapper..."

Here are some places to check out.

Learning Pages

    There are many resources available to learn about HTML.

Today the Armory Tomorrow the world!

The Playroom

    Then there are always games, entertainments, and pictures. Where would be we be without these?
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