The "Propaganda" Card

This card is pretty much exactly what appears on World Domination's Low Pop Suicide section, under the title of "Propaganda". To put it lightly, it's amusing seeing the label use this to tout Low Pop's "just released" second album, but we love them anyway...

For those that don't want to squint:

Low Pop Suicide
the death of excellence

Rick Boston--vocals, guitar
Mark Leonard--bass
Melle Steagal--drums

"Once upon a time, where worlds collide, there was a band called Low Pop Suicide..." And collide it has.
After a long-awaited hiatus, Low Pop Suicide releases their second full-length album, The Death of Excellence.
"It, they, have discovered that dark thoughts left unsung fester within, rotting the soul. And so it chose to let it go for all to judge, condemn, or embrace. Your god hasn't felt their pain nor has he/she cared to."
Rick Boston, lead singer/guitarist/songwriter continues to torture himself and all those who surround him. Dark, broken and stumbling may come close to describing how it, they, he feels. Dark, engrossing and humbling may describe the way it sounds.
The roster has made a positive change. Mark Leonard steps in on bass. Mark, who is no stranger to enigmas, having worked with the likes of Robbie Robertson, brings a calming mania.
Melle Steagal, on his second round with Boston, ironically not only hits the drums but hits the mark with his query "Why all the drama, can't we just play?"
Low Pop Suicide's The Death of Excellence is the result of two years of touring, breaking hearts (mostly their own,) kissing lips and surviving Beavis & Butthead. The notion of a "Suicide Ego" driving the tortured artist to the brink of distraction has finally been realized.
The record speaks for itself...
Love and grimaces,

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