The Back Of The Card...

For those that don't want to squint:

the disengagement ep is
low pop suicide's
first release, but each of its members:
dave allen, jeff ward and rick boston
have carved a reputation in the alternative and
mainstream that instantly puts them on the
musical map. dave allen made the annals of
dissonant pop with gang of four and
shriekback. jeff ward joins low pop on drums -
a long time member of al jourgenson's
chicago industrial workshop -
having cuy his teeth with ministry,
revolting cocks and most recently nine inch
, while guitar guru, rick boston, lends a
song writing savvy that both contradicts and
maximizes the trios experimental edge.

dave allen's trademark punch bass and
jeff ward's spitfire drumming lay the
foundation for boston's grinding guitar and
disenchanted vocals on the lead
track, "disengaged." it is sharply contrasted by
the swirling counterpoint of "crush" and techno
tension of "turn of the screw." the
disengagement ep anticipates a
low pop suicide
album towards the end of 1992.

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