Accidental Enlightenment

This is for you to start. Click where you will, enjoy what you want, and add prolifically. For now, any additions need to be sent through me.. I'll post almost anything, no worries, and don't intend to edit. I'll link it to other pages here as I see fit, if you want it somewhere special, request it. Links out to the net are great, try to make them to pages, not just lists of lists of lists of lists. Righto. Enough on my part. Anonymous is fine, credit is fine as well. Remember that this is public info, and people can take as they will. However, if you take, please reference it. Why is this here? I got bored with what was. Enjoy!

Its incredible, but its been.. well, effectively forever. And I think its actually about time this was useful. To me, anyway. I'm not feeling foolish enough to expect anyone to look at this. But I can, and will, and that will be my satisfaction. Hm. Apparently I've been doing some serious growing over the last ten years. Good to know, teenage ultimatums are things you grow out of.. or into.. Not clear, but its pretty early in the morning.. Here goes something...

ADS - The place to find absolutely anything.. Well, as long as its about astrophysics, and as long as its in an academic journal.. *grin*

Orkut - Like friendster, but a little less skanky. Hey, shut up, I'm friends with john kerry! Speaking of which..

Ah yes, john kerry.. Look, lets be realistic. Would I follow him to the end of the earth? probably not. Do i think he's a politican? yes. But he's got my vote.

Ani Difranco.. pretty much rocks everything. If I can speak up just a tenth of the time, maybe I won't have to make excuses...

We have two cute kittens, Willow & Linus. They're cute, and fuzzy, and vegetarian. They love it, we love it, and the wild cows roaming new york city feel safer... :>