General Magical Files

Blessing of a Traveler Principles of Wiccan Belief (Adopted by the Council of American Witches, April, 1974) 'Mystical Pentagram' (a chakra ritual) Channeling: Divination Devices Circle Closing (fragment of a ritual) The Craft: An introduction The Craft: Getting Started Magick: Defined, according to Crowley Wicca: Dianic Wicca: Gardnerian Exegesis on the Wiccan Rede A first person bit on the goddess. Ritual: Harvest Home Symptoms of Inner Peace 'The Laws of Magic', excerpt from Bonewits When Magic Doesn't Work A fairly comprehensive outline of the basics of magick Magick: another set of observations on what magick is. Pagan Manners (or: Are There Any Dead Animals in the Soup?) A 'pagan pledge' (warning: a bit sappy) A rough history of paganism Some answers to common questions from non-pagans Runes: some basic instruction Ritual: Norse Samhain Ritual: Samhain Ritual: Samhain (yet another one) The Eight Sabbats of Witchcraft (quite good, highly recommended) {revised-recent as of 7/1/96} A listing of mail-order catalogs. somewhat old Ritual: Beltane Blessed Be - Touching The Power Of Witches LiberAl Astral Projection: instruction

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