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Date last updated:  14 Apr 93

     This is a monthly (approxamately) posting of various pagan-
oriented catalogs and mail-order houses.  As much information as
possible is included with each entry;  PLEASE (it would help very
much) if you order a catalog that does not have an evaluation,
method of payment, phone #, etc... PLEASE send it to me at the
address above, and I will add it to the list.

Much thanks to Lisa Ann, who started all this, and is responsible
for most of the addresses on the list. :)  I just maintain the

As always, **please** try to grab this list off the net before
you ask for a mailed copy - it would be much appreciated.

Blessings, and Enjoy!


     Due to popular request, I am posting my list of catalogs.
Some I have, many I'm still waiting impatiently for. I will
follow each address with a brief description of what sorts of
things each one carries, and the price. (Most cost between $2. to
$5. often refundable, some are free, and some request a self
addressed stamped envelope.) I'll also provide a phone # and
method of payment if possible.

Gary's Gem Garden  -V,MC,Am EX,COD,Prsl.Chk,M.O.        
128 Woodcrest Center          
Cherry Hill, N.J. 08003      
(609) 795-5077 cost:SASE

2 page,printed list on both sides. No pictures. Just about every
crystal, rock, mineral, etc.. Also several books on the subject.
Prices seem fair for most.

Mystic Moon  -V,MC,Prsl.Chk,M.O,COD
8818 Troy St. Dept.L
Spring Valley, CA. 91977
cost:$1. refundable

Small b.& w. catalog. Some pictures. The usual oils, incense,
candles, books, tarot, runes, robes, alter cloths, a little
jewelry and music, and a few tools.

Halcyon Herb Co. -V,Prsl.Chk,M.O.
177 Webster St. Box 7153L
Monterey, CA. 93940 cost:$5. refundable

Very unique. Hand drawn and lettered catalog. An obvious labor of
love. Mirrors, cloaks, staffs, brooms, oils, gowns of silk,
peasant clothes,drums, rattles, runes, statues, most hand

Serpent's Occult Books and Supplies  -V,MC,Prsl.Chk.M.O.
P.O. Box 290644
Pt. Orange, FL. 32129
(904) 760-7675 cost:free

Books,lots of books! I received 2 catalogs. One listed new books,
the other used. Fair prices, very small amount of assorted

The Occult Emporium  -?method of payment?
102 North 9th Street
Allentown, PA. 18102
(215) 433-3610 cost:$2. refunable

I don't have this one yet. It's listed as selling occult books,
curios, and supplies. 

Abyss  -?method of payment?
RR1, Box 213F
Chester, MA. 01011
(413) 623-2155 cost:free

Still waiting for this one. Listed as selling books, Tarot decks,
tapes, statues, jewelry, and supplies.

Cat in the Moon  -M.O. Prsl.Chks.
Kat Trax
P.O. Box 1174
Murdock, FL. 33938 cost:$2.

78 page b.& w. catalog with some pictures. Crystal balls, wands,
herbs, oils, incense, books, Tarot, sands, stones, crystals,
jewelry, supplies, and a round ouija board with the eye of Horus
in the center and a round plachette. Fair prices.

Lorelei Objects  -?method of payment?
31 Main St.#2-1
Meredith, NH. 03253
(603) 279-5759 cost:free

Still waiting for this one. Listed as selling handmade ritual
robes, custom fit clothing, jewelry, beads, curiosities.

Worldwide Curio House  -M.O.,Prsl. Chk. Cedit card checks.
Box 17095-L
Minneapolis, MN. 55417
cost:$2. for 3 catalogs $3. airmail

ALOT of very strange and sometimes scarey stuff. HUGE amount of
herbs and oils, books, jewelry, Tarot decks, incense, candles,
and things I can't identify!

This one's for you Kyra! And all you other dragon lovers!

Dancing Dragon-LLO  -?method of payment?
5670 west End Road,#4
Arcata, CA. 95521-9202
(707) 826-0186 cost:$2.

I don't have this one. Listed as selling "the widest selection of
dragon items anywhere". Sculptures, jewelry, posters, t-shirts,

Eye of the Day  -Prsl.Chk,COD
4104 24th St.#196
San Francisco, CA. 94114
(800) 433-7313 cost:free

Calls itself a metaphysical five and dime. Oils, incense,
candles, herbs, resins, salts, talismans, jewelry, shamanic
tools, Tarot decks, musical instruments, pouches. Fair prices.

Lunatrix  -?method of payment?
P.O. Box 800482-L
Santa Clarita, CA. 91380-0482

Still waiting for this one. Listed as selling ritual items,
Goddess jewelry, t-shirts, cloaks, herbs, oils, incense, rubber

Wolf, Fox, and Wren  -?method of payment?
P.O. Box 573 
Humbolt, NE. 68376

Still waiting for this one. Listed as selling 100% beeswax ritual
candles, 8" male/female figure candles, 12" pointed star, 12"

Celtic Folkworks   Check,MO,VISA,MC -
R.D. 4, Box 210 
Willow Grove Rd 
Newfield, N.J. 08344

free 24pg.,  Many handcrafted Celtic items, including a set of
wonderful Celtic wedding rings, reasonably priced.

Museum Replicas Limited   Check,MO,COD,Visa,MC,Discover, AmEx -
2143 Gees Mill Rd. 
Box 840 
Conyers, GA. 30207
1-800-883-8838, fax 1-404-388-0246  

50pg color, Great catalog with replicas of most well known types
of arms and armour.  I can't vouch for the quality of the goods,
but I've heard many good things about their wares.  Also some
clothing and jewelry.  Cat. is $2.00, but I've never had to pay
for it.  They also have some harder to find oddities like
medieval utensils, poison rings, and good footwear.

Kamala Essential Oils
712 W. Park Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820

217/355-8555 (she accepts phone orders with Visa/MC)

She also has herbs, incense, massage oils, lotions, that kind of
stuff. She has over 100 single oils, and over 50 blends.  

PO Box 3124-R 
Durham, NC 27715                             Catalog is Free
Orders:  800/634-6044                        M-F 9-6
Customer Service:  919/683-1570              M-F 9-6
Fax:  919/682-5601                           Anytime
Street address:  613 Vickers Av, Durham NC   M-F 9-6.

Mail order catalog of music by women (and 2 pages of appropriate
"Mehn's Music").  What looks especially good in this year's
catalog -- Anne Williams' "Song of the Jaguar," Artemis College's
"Songs to the Goddess," Desert Wind's "Return to the Goddess:
Chants & Song," Gale Perrigo's "Never Again the Burning," Kay
Gardner, Kenny & Tzipora, Kiva, Libana, Pomegranate, Ruth Barrett
& Cyntia Smith, Selena Fox (a song & chant tape called "Songs of
Pagan Folk"), Starhawk (talks and a trance journey tape)... And
that's just a few examples from the Spirituality section.


Gypsy Heaven -?method of payment?
115G South Main St.
New Hope, PA. 18938
(215) 949-3399 cost:$2.00 refundable

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as selling new age books,
crystals, herbs, jewelry,oils,and more.


Magickal Childe -?method of payment?
35 W. 19th. St.
New York, NY. 10011
(212) 242-7182 cost: free

Still waiting for this one. Listed as hard core new age, but I've
heard they have good kid's books. (**COMPLIER'S COMMENTS:  I've
been to this store, and must say that it is a must see - the
catalog does it no justice:  immagine your archetypal occult
store, and this is it :))


Wild Wood -?method of payment?
717 Spruce St.
Boulder, CO. 80302
cost: $2.00 refundable

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as selling incense, perfume,
herbs, Tarot, spell kits, books, and more.


Pa Pa Jim -?method of payment?
Box 14128
San Antonio, TX.
(512) 922-6665 cost: free

Still waiting for this one. Listed as selling "over 3000 items".
Herbs, candles, oils, powders, incense.


White Buffalow Native Herbs -?method of payment?
1305 W. Wilbur
Dept. 119B
Milw., WI. 53221
cost: $2.00

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as "Native American owned
and opperated".  Smudging herbs, shamman's blend, Kinnikinik,
sweet grass, and more.


Solar Crown Publishing -?method of payment?
Box 9513
N. Hollywood, CA. 91609
cost: SASE

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as selling magic-oriented
software, electronic books, Pagan buttons.


Marah -?method of payment?
P.O. Box 948
Madison, N.J. 07940

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as selling perfume, incense,
runestones, lunar calandar, and other magical supplies.


Shadow Enterprises -?method of payment?
P.O. Box 18094
Columbus, OH. 43218

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as selling "a unique
collection of books, products, rare collectables, jewelry, ritual
tools, and other handcrafted one-of-a-kind items".


Ancient Ways
4075 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA  94609
phone: 510-653-3244

They don't seem to have a regular catalog, but I have received
flyers from them selling custom oils and incense. Most of what
they sell though is sold in the store. However, they put on the
annual Ancient Ways pagan festival in Northern California at
Harbin Hot Springs, each May.

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From: (Kimborly Ditto)
Subject: Catalog List Part Two  (LONG) [AND UPDATED :)]
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Catalog List part 2:  Last Updated - 14 Apr 93

     This is the second part of the catalog list.  There are
almost 40 catalogs now listed, thanks in large part to LISA
ANN!!!!!  :) :) :) :)  Thanks also to Gwendolyn and Richard
Darsie, who contributed additional information on existing
catalogs and provided new addresses.  There are others I should
be acknowledging (SP??), I know, but my machine barfed and I lost
a whole bunch of e-mail addresses. :(  You know who you are, so
THANK YOU!! :) :) :)

     The usual requests go with this part, as with the first:  If
you order a catalog that is missing some information from this
list, please send me an update so I can add it to the list;  If
you would like to share the address/phone number of your favorite
catalog, please feel free to send it to me;  and please try to
grab this list off the net before you request an e-mailed copy.  

     There...that's it.  Now - on to the list!! :)

Blessings and Enjoy!


Imagine That! -V,MC.
5903 Queens Chapel Rd.
Hyattsville, MD. 20782
1-800-223-5903 cost:$5.

Haven't ordered this one yet. This is what the add says.
Dragons & wizards & faries, oh, my!
& castles with towers that reach to the sky
& gallery services & framing, too
& limited-edition prints for you
& figurines & pewter & bronze
& crystal balls to gaze upon
& books & wildlife & bundles of fur
& many strange things that just never were...
Color brochure.


Hypno Vision Occult Shop -?method of payment?
Box 2192NWJ
Halesite, NY. 11743
cost:$3. refundable

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as selling amulets,
talismans, crystal balls, robes, wands, chalices, pentacles, and


Nuit Unlimited -?method of payment?
249 N. Brand Blvd. #482
Glendale, CA. 91203
cost:$3. and choice of free full size incense pack. Choose:
         musk,lotus,lilly,rose,patchouli,Babalon,Nuit,or Isis, +
         get $2. off first order.

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as selling custom blend
oils, custom made ceremonial robes, incense, occult t-shirts,
Goddess jewelry, books, and tapes.


P.O.T.O. -?method of payment?
11002 Massachusetts Ave.
Westwood, CA. 90025-3510
(310) 575-3717 cost:$5.

Haven't ordered this one yet. Here's how they describe
themselves. Procurer of the obscure. Friendly mail order company
and more. Special orders and questions always welcome. Our
catalog features tools and books of the Craft. Jewelry, gifts,
networking, new age, rare books, herbs, & just a whole lot of
magickal, wonderful items & services.


Glacier's -?method of payment?
P.O. Box 152
Camak, GA. 30807

Haven't ordered this one yet. Listed as selling pentacles, runes
stones handcrafted of Lapis or pure silver $25. each. Naturally
spiraled wood staffs and canes $15. per foot unfinished.


Cursive Serpent Products -?method of payment?
2250 East Tropicana, Suite 19
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Haven't ordered this one. Calls itself the Aleister Crowley
catalog. "The ultimate for all Al-meisters".


Perfume Lab Inc. -?method of payment?
18 Commonwealth Ave.
Red Bank, NJ. 07701
cost: SASE

Still waiting for this one. Specializing in fresh-made incense.
More than 40 fragrances available. Buy direct.


Dragonwood -?method of payment?
27 Gap Rd.
Black Hawk, CO. 80422

Nordic oriented magickal incense. Thor's Hammer and more.


Pyramid Books and the -check,M.O.,V,MC,AmEx,Disc.
New-Age Collection
P.O. Box 3333 Altid Park
Chelmsford, Mass. 01824-0933
1-800-333-4220 cost:free!

Nice catalog. Interesting items. Nice jewelry,crystal balls in
different colors (a really nice irridescent one), candles,
gems/minerals (polished), books, tapes, videos, Tarot decks,
native american items, statues, and a few t-shirts. One
particularly beautiful sterling pentacle of a respectable
size(1"diam.) with diamond-cut edges. (Gee, I wonder what Lisa
Ann plans to order?!) Reasonable prices.


Moon Magick  -V, MC, Choice, Prsl. Chk., M.O.
p.o. box 395
littleton, colorado 80160
303-321-0867 catalog $3.00

herbs, essential oils, ritual incenses, books, dream pillows,
crystal balls, astrology supplies, pewter chalices, jewelry, etc.
tarot decks.


Star River Productions
the Great Goddess Collection
p.o. box 6254
North Brunswick, NJ  08902
free catalog 1-800-232-1733

mostly goddess statues and some jewelry, beautiful quality. 
price rances from fair to pricey


Keltic Designs
2161 Hayes St.
San Francisco, CA  94117

They take Visa, MC, check, money order.

A 3-page xerox catalog of sumptuous Celtic design work, on
T-shirts, tank tops, etc. They have a new "Triple Goddess" design
which must be seen to be believed. The highlight of their
offering for me is a large print of the "Keltic Mandala", a
seasonal calendar. The print comes with an 8-page booklet
explaining all the seasonal festivals as well as the symbolism
used in the print.  Most designs are available on window prints,
buttons, cards, etc.


Sounds True Catalog
735 Walnut St.
Dept. FC5
Boulder, CO  80302
All standard payment methods

A catalog of spiritually related audiotapes of lectures, etc. 
Mostly "New-Age" related, though there is much that would be
of interest to readers of this group.


Red Rose Collection
P. O. Box 280140
San Francisco, CA  94128-0140
Standard payment methods

Has a New-agey feel to it but has lots of interesting stuff:
oils, crystals, Goddess figurines, runes...  A bit pricey.


2780 Via Orange Way, Suite B
Spring Valley, CA  91978
(or, as they say, 619-670-5200 from Edinburgh, Corfu, Istanbul,

THE book catalog for families. 116 pages of great books for all
ages! We've ordered from this and the service is *very* good.
Chances are if you're a parent you've gotten this one already.
Has a few audio recordings, including Libana's "A Circle is


Celtic Calendar  $7.00 US, $8.50 Canada, $9.00 Celtic nations,
                              $10.00 Elsewhere - all in US funds
Celtic League Calendar
2973 Valentine Avenue
Bronx, NY  10458

Please send any price updates to me if you order this calendar. 
Thank you.


Ancient Circles         mop: MC,V,Check,or M.O.
1144 Bauer Road
P.O. Box 787
Laytonville, CA 95454
(707) 984-8033

$2 catalog (refundable) 

Beautifully simple designs available in SS or Brass, as
medallions, bolos, buttons, pins, earrings. Sample of design
names: Gaiarinth, Triple Spiral, Quetzalcoatl, Eye of Horus, I
Ching, Celtic Knot, Triskelion, Chumash Spirit Being, Avalon,
Kahuna Star--you can see they span many cultures.  

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From: (Janet Christian)
Subject: Re: cops & pagans
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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1993 17:55:31 GMT
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In article  alizard@tweekco.uucp (A.Lizard) writes:
> (David Weinstein) writes:
>> recommend _A Law Enforcement Officer's Guide to Wicca_. Obviously this
>> text would be less effective for other neo-pagan groups, but it is available
>> in versions suited to both American and Canadian law, and was written by
>> a law enforcement officer for law enforcement officers.
>> You can order copies from Cultwatch Response...
>Could you add an e-mail or snailmail address for this group? And a 
>general description as to who they are and things like that, I've
>never heard of Cultwatch Response and would like to know more.
>B*B, A.Lizard
>A.Lizard Internet Addresses:
>alizard%tweekco%boo@PacBell.COM        (preferred)
>PacBell.COM!boo!tweekco!alizard (bang path for above)
> (backup)
>PGP2.2 public key available on request

Here you go:

The Wiccan Information Network
Attn: Kerr Cuhulan
Box 2422
Main Post Office
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B3W7

The book is:

Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca
by Kerr Cuhulan
Horned Owl Publishing
3906 Cadboro Bay Rd.
Victoria, BC, Canada V8N4G6
(604) 477-8488

ISBN 0-9696066-0-5

Hope this helps,


   Janet Christian   

My boss agrees with everything I say - well, actually, he thinks I'm working.  
"Never argue with a Scorpio - it's frustrating and you'll lose, anyway..."

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