Motorbikes in Costa Rica

While spending Christmas 2003 in Costa Rica, I noted the immense popularity of motorbikes for general transportation, business, and delivery. This makes sense in a small country with high gas prices and an abundance of rough roads. My favorite sightings were of bikes of public officials, but it was a pleasure to simply see such a high ratio of practical, small block motorbikes on all the roads and in every town. There is an abundance of street-legal dirt bikes, especially in the smaller towns, but I saw plenty of street bikes as well. I am sorry to note that I failed to photograph the one Harley Davidson motorbike that I spotted on my trip. Don't hold your breath for any Italian bikes, either!

By the way, I think Costa Rica must have a helmet law; all but perhaps 2 or 3 riders (plus all passengers) that I saw on motorbikes were wearing protective helmets.

Police motorcycle with officer outside the station in Playa del Coco Postal worker with postal bike (Yamaha) outside the Correos office in Playa del Coco The postal employee's personal Honda
Two Pizza Hut delivery guys on Suzukis in San Jose Yamaha DT Liquid Cooled I can't identify this one, but I like it!
Here's a nice scooter with a Bajaj motorcycle behind it Two Yamahas - the owners were pleased by my photo Honda Africa Twin - one of the biggest bikes of the trip
A fine Suzuki standard Another Yamaha A rather new looking Honda
A real V-Twin - Honda NV400 A Suzuki Samurai delivery bike This Yamaha was outside a "bike adventure" tour company
A Honda 250 Suzuki street bike This little green scooter was all over Playa del Coco
This guy got a lot of attention on his electric scooter A real Yamaha sport bike, but what's up with the exhaust? Nice Bajaj scooter - Chetah

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