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Gnosis Archive
Collection of documents relating to Gnosis, modern and ancient. Now located on Web Communications WWW Server.

Web Communications

Web Communications provides high performmance self service Internet Presence with value added tools to make your life as an information provider easier.

Web Communications Home Page
World Wide Web Power Index
Work Page ...including .GIF of me at work!

Political Action Made Easy

Leavitt Publications On-Line is dedicated to the free distribution of information to empower the average citizen.


kurt.is.DEAD -- one shot 'Zine (in WWW Hypertext format!)
Rave reviews in Factsheet Five Electric and 3W magazine (London)!
I apologize for the somewhat disorganized state of the following. I haven't had time to deal with it properly.
Kurt Cobain Archive -- contributed by Guy MacArthur.

Bleeding Edge -- Journal of Alternative Computing, #1 (in HTML) (not so bleeding edge anymore. :) 16 hour work days cut into my time. :)

[Canter and Siegel.GIF--250KB! Be Warned!]
The Canter and Siegel Report - keep up with the antics and adventures of everyone's favorite Green Card lawyers!
Current issue (compressed (.Z) file.)
Back issues (in HTML)

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Author of Thom's Little Guide to Purchasing a COMPUTER and general net.fiend.

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