What is Leavitt Publications On-Line?

My name is Thomas Leavitt. I am co-founder of Web Communications. You are visiting the site of my original home page, which I have been forced to neglect somewhat, due to the pressures and responsibilities of keeping up with a fast growing company.

This site is intended to serve as a gathering place for the useful and interesting information that I accumulate as I go about my daily business.

The ability to directly link information with the resources to take action upon it is action is extremely powerful... this is why I have created the clickable list of Congressional E-Mail addresses and the clickable Media on Internet List.

When (if... sigh) I ever get the time, I intend to accompany these lists with useful information that people can then take action upon.

Before I started Web Communications, I published and distributed a number of "zines" over the Internet, all of which are available at this site.

The Gnosis Archive is growing all the time; I've found links to it all over the place, from Digital's Virtual Tourist, to The Internet Yellow Pages.

Please donate to the guy who runs the system this page is served off of. He's a great guy, and does the Santa Cruz area a tremendous amount of good by making Deepthought available.

John DuBois
305 McMillan Dr.
Santa Cruz, CA