Winter Solstice edition/95
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Well..folks...what we have here is the begining of the new slither season..:)...what do we have here four ya..let,s see here...starting off we have a little of the new feminism with the slut manifesto..nexta bit of the "new, new" Leftism with some thoughts of/on the left and beliefs..and of course..readers we have cyberpunk/haqr/net culture represented here with a few articles in that direction..k..and with the usual reviews and such we have quite a bit to offer ya in the latest edition of the zine Slither...and btw..what would Slither be withoutsome poltical/cultural thought(s) from the ed.staff of Slither...and here ya go:

hey, it,s news from the pomo American Left..:)

Some thoughts here on the new "growth" industry in Calif. California imprisons a greater percentage of itŐs population than anywhere else in the world and people are still scared to leave their homes. putting large amounts of the population in jail is not going to make anyone any safer.Prisons have become our new industrial complex, replacing paid workers in such disparate fields as clothing, medicine,and electronics. Coporations and multinational finanical interests such as E.F. Hutton, RCA Government Services(a sub of G.E.), Export-ImportBank, Bechtel Corp. and hordes of other profters are scrambling for their share of the multibillion dollar corrections market. Some of the same investors that put money into South African Apartheid(including Smith-Barney) are now putting money into the jail system here in North America.Another sad aspect of this is the privatization of local jails by national chains of the prison-industrial complex.Private security cops, private jails and walled-off private compounds for the capitalist elite have become the new reality of modern day life here in the land of the "free"(i.e.-freedom to be exploited) The traditional liberal solution to crime has been to put moneyinto social services and to stress education. However,in the long run,social services and the current educational system do not build community. In fact, it often serves quite a different purpose. It manages to disempower people by forcing them to rely on the governmentfor their very existence and teaching them not to think for themselves.As communities, both geographic and poltical, we are going to have to band together to start providing for ourselves collectively. If we,re going to learn to maintain our personal and common security ourselves, then we have to start with breaking through our isolation and rebuilding a sense of community based on a commom struugle and anlysis. However, not just community organizing/building needs to be done. Work needs to be done on restructing the economy in a non-profit/non-market direction. Among the challenges that need to be dealt with along the way are finding ways to help produce meaniful lives for those(& a creative way to fund the essentials for those people) for whom work is not a option(for whatever reason), and also to include and bring those people into the work economy who have been heretofore excluded.
quick/brief definition of a marxist/non-market system/society:
a place where no one amasses wealth by appropiating what others produce.
quick/brief definition of post-marxist marxism approach:
a paradigm where one is emphasizing class as a entry point(or rallying point) for analysis of where we need to go to make this world a better place. However, Class is not just a cultural or political difference..but an articulation of the material interests of people..

Slither zine stuff is for: Zippies, Yippies, Yummies(young upwardly mobile Marxists), riotgrrlls, and their allies..not to leave other people out or anything--just is one of the major focuses of this publication...:)

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