Welcome To HELL

This is some stuff about/for/by me and is intended to be used to benefit myslef and confuse others. I hope that it works this way and not the other way around.

Please send all corrections in spelling to Dan Quale. He has been my mentor.

This is just getting started, so, have patience .... *I* have to have it.

Here's some stuff:

CAD STUFF(Computer Aided Design)



Dreaded Diseases

Damned Internet Spell Chequers

Something about perspective

Hope you benefited from this. I'll be sending you a bill via email.
Comments or suggestions? Email me at glena@armory.com

OK, some people have asked what I look like (oh, sure -- like that makes a difference). Problem is that I tend not to *do* pictures, without the one-finger salute. Somebody else had a kool idea -- they circulated a *drawing* of themselves. I did the same and just put it up here. More recently a friend happened to have a digital camera and took this shot.

You asked for it, now *suffer*.