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Stay awhile....staaaaaaaaaaay forever!

Hello there and welcome to my page, such as it is. I'm a 24 yr old disgruntled Help Desk Mushroom, 6' 2", eyes of blue, etc. Why a mushroom? Well, they're kept in the dark, and fed ****; Try working for corporate America if you doubt me. Interests include my wife, Role Playing ("Yes, sure we'll support that program we've never heard of", "Roll 2d6, anything more than 2 he believes you."), and gaming on my Mac. If you want to know anything else, feel free to mail me.

Some fun links:

Index of my humor collection  -  And a stranger collection of humor you'll never find. =)

Rivers of MUD (aka ROM) -----> One heck of a great mud.

Rehobaom's Legacy -----> The creator of ROM's new mud! Darn sweet!

MadROM -----> ROM's rather mad spin-off, and a cool mud in it's own right.

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