Self Ego Gratification Page for David Vangerov

Major stats:

Occupation: Unix Systems Administrator (aka sysmom) for Sun Microsystems.

The Bastard Operator From Hell series has an interesting look at life as a system administrator and is required reading for any would-be or current system administrator.

Those of us who work in the computer industry of course have Dilbert for a hero. Dilbert's dog, Dogbert is probably the Bastard Operator from Hell in disguise.

Various and sundry little tidbits of info about me can be found below. You're sure to discover all sorts of weird and interesting things about what interests me in life. Some pages are in various states of construction. Feel free to comment on them.

I like to take photos with my digital camera. It's a Sony DSC-S50 that I bought back in October, 2000.

The first trip we took the camera on was to England in November, 2000:
Pictures of life at the Renaissance Faire can be found at:
My family and I also like to do Dickens Faires:
And here's a semi-recent trip to Disneyland:
Last updated: 2/28/2006