Fail to Suck

In the autumn of 1993, HWRNMNBSOL declared, in the hallowed halls of talk.bizarre, that the First of December was to be a 'froup-wide holiday-- International Schlock Day-- and that the traditional manner of celebrating this fyne, fyne holiday was to post only good, intelligent, intereststing things to talk.bizarre.

Follow-ups, lame jokes, crosspostings-- these things were all discouraged. The motto of the day was "FAIL TO SUCK!" and many a 'frouper cried this aloud heartily as they cost the net hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

It was, in general, fairly successful.

The next year, when International Schlock Day rolled around again, the cry of FAIL TO SUCK was what everyone remembered, and so HWRNMNBSOL declared that the name of the holiday was well and truly changed.

So this December First, before posting that lame one-line follow-up to MAKE.MONEY.FAST, think about what you're doing, and try to fail to suck.

Otherwise, it's the lead pipe for you, pisschild. | The Scorched Earth | talk.bizarre | The Armory