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OOPS!  I goofed on the dates for the children's holiday party -
Thanks Ian for the correction - the party is on Sunday Dec 5 and
set up is on Saturday Dec 4...

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Forwarding to Officers Distribution List as requested by Randy

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> Hi Randy,
> Some answers embedded below. Quite a lot of things happening!
> - Ian
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> Dear Fellow Officers -
> 1.  We need to select our end of year awards:
>      - Star Award
>      - Newcomer Award
>      - Event of the Year
> (a) Should we, as officers, select the recipients?  
> (b) Or should we select "nominees," and let the club membership vote for the recipients? 
> (c) Or some other method?
> I think for a group of this size, it is appropriate for the offices to select the recipients.
> -----------
> 2. I intend to "poll" our membership via email regarding meeting participation. 
> My end goal is to get more participation in meetings...
> I will ask such questions as:
> a) What would be the best day of week and time for us to have our meetings?
> b) What are your goals in Toastmasters, and how can we help you achieve them?
> What other questions should I ask our general membership and alumni????
> Do you have any other suggestions???
> Those are the basics, I think
> --------------
> 3. I have committed our club to operate the "Fishing Booth" at the Childrens
> Holiday party this year.  I believe Kalla started this tradition, and the fishing
> booth is very popular with the kids.  I believe the date of the childrens holiday
> party is Sunday, Dec 6, in the cafeteria space on the 9th floor at 1455 
> Market St.  Decorating and set up will be on Sat. Dec 5.  I need volunteers
> to spend a couple of hours on Saturday or Sunday for this event.  It is fun
> and rewarding.  Please let me know if you will be able to help out for an
> hour or two.  (I will also be sending this message out to the entire club.)
> I should be able to help (but Sat is Dec 4 and Sun is Dec 5 this year)
> -----------
> 4. We need to finalize our roster of officers for next year.
> So far, I have:
> co-presidents:  Ian Crane & Randy Freeman
> VP PR:  
> VP Ed: 
> VP Membership:
> Treasurer:  Nicholas Theuriet
> Secretary:
> Sgt at Arms (for 315 Montgomery):  Susie Sanders-Wong
> Sgt at Arms (for 1455 Market St):
> As you can see I still have some empty spaces...  Who would
> you recommend to fill these empty officer positions?  
> I wonder if Kathleen Bain will be able to participate again soon? She would be good in any role.
> ----------------
> 4.  We have an opportunity of a B of A Toastmasters club in Oakland
> joining our group at 1455 Market St.  They are being relocated to 
> 1455 Market St in Nov or Dec.  I am thinking we should have a
> special welcome celebration for them - what do you think?
> I think we still have funds for a guest speaker - who would you
> like to have as a keynote speaker for an event like this?
> (I think we could consider this as our event of the year...)
> I still have to confirm a date.
> This is great news...I wish I had some ideas for guest speakers. Internally, all my senior management is in Charlotte, and for my former role, in New York and Chicago. I've enjoyed all the outside speakers we've had over the past few years - perhaps it's time for Tom Drews again? 
> -------- 
> 5.  We also are coming to the end of the year and we need to 
> make plans for an end-of-year/Holiday party/lunch for United
> We Speak.  Please let me know your suggestions for time
> and place.
> I'm still in denial that we are anywhere close to holiday party planning! But I guess we have to face it - and the updown/downtown issue. Perhaps something near a muni stop like Embarcadero...I've had some nice lunches at Harbor Village (Dim Sum) over the years...> 
> ---------------
> 6.  There will be a TBOA Knowledge Channel Broadcast on Dec 2,
> 8am to 9:30am.  There will be a breakfast for any member who 
> wants to attend and view the broadcast at 1455 Market St starting 
> at 7:30am, and probably ending around 10:00.  This is also a fun 
> end of year celebration for TBOA, so try to attend if you can.
> ** RSVP's are required.
> Sound like fun, I've put in my Outlook - who should I RSVP?
> -------------
> If you have any other club business and/or comments on any of
> the above issues, please do "reply to all" so that we can all be
> part of the discussion.  Let's try to wrap up any discussion and/
> or decisions by Wednesday 10/27/04.
> I think it's too late for me to change the addressee in the reply, but I will try to get the distribution list into my Outlook, and re-send this reply.
> Thank you all VERY MUCH for your support as officers in United We Speak!
> Randy
> Thank you Randy for doing all the work!
> - Ian
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