[Unitedwespeakofficers] United We Speak Officers 7/16/03 meeting minutes

Sipp, Bob Bob.Sipp at bankofamerica.com
Fri Jul 18 17:38:51 PDT 2003

Fellow officers,

In what was a lightly attended officers meeting (Ian Crane, our new treasurer, and I), there was not a lot of business, but here are the minutes.

Meeting started on time at 2 PM.

Welcome - Bob Sipp
Bridge line - no attendees

Club Competition for the Western Region Competition
	The Western Region Speaking Competition will be in Las Vegas
	on Friday, 9/26/03.  Bob to send out a summary of the information
	and the judging criteria.  We must hold our competition prior to
	8/15/03, which is when we must submit the name of our competitior.
	Bob will send out email to gauge the level of interest and see
	what accomodations may need to be made for our 315 Mongomergy 

Membership event
	Not much discussion here, but the event was well received.

Mid-year Assessment
	Bob will send this to all officers.  Since this is due to Mary 
	Kate Baker and Pam Lee by 7/18/03, I will send my first draft 
	to them as well as to you.  Please provide your comments, and
	they will also be included if at all possible.

Team Bank of America training
	I do not know of anyone who has completed the training, other than
	possibly Mary Kate.  For the Golden Gate chapter to qualify for
	National Distinguished, 75% of officers need to complete this training
	by 10/31/03.  Pamela Lee was kind enough to provide a link and a 

	"For those who may need the link to the training modules (I suggest
	you print these and have them handy as you take the pre-tests...)  
	here it is (scroll toward the bottom - see heading "Leadership 
	Training Workbook").
	http://teambankofamerica/for_leaders/form_library.asp  "

New Business
	Please welcome our new Treasurer, Ian Crane.
	Attendance has been strong of late at 315 Montgomery, but has been
	less than stellar at 1455.  Please make efforts to get members back
	in attendance.

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