[Unitedwespeakofficers] next officer meeting

Sipp, Bob Bob.Sipp at bankofamerica.com
Wed Jul 16 08:31:52 PDT 2003

Fellow officers:

United We Speak will be having it's next monthly officers meeting Wednesday, 
7/16/2002 (the Third Wednesday) from 2:00-3:00 at 1455 Market.  I was planning
on using the large conference room near Mary Kate's old office, but please let
me know, MK if that isn't possible.  

	Bridge Line: 877-625-0243 
 	Passcode: 2413417
 	Time	Speaker		Topic 
 	====	=======		=====
       3	Bob Sipp          Welcome
	 3	Peter Rorden	VP Education report
	10	All			Results of our membership event
      10	All			Club competition for Western Region Competition
      10	All			Mid-year Assessment
	 5	All			Team Bank of America training
	 5	All			* New Club Business
Looking forward to seeing you there!


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