[Unitedwespeak] Good Morning UWS Toastmasters

Eve Ragland everagland at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 20 16:23:31 PST 2004

This is just to remind you that you have a lunch date with us. Bring your 
brown bag or the pick up of your choice and join us for our regularly 
scheduled Friday meeting.

Where? The 15th floor at 315 Montgomery.

A nice meeting is planned around an Advanced Speech I hear. Wow, another 
goal is being reached by stepping up and speaking out. Come and congratulate 
our fellow Toastmaster for completing an Advanced Speaking Manual. Yes the 
speech planned is Number-5 in the Interpretive Reading Manual. This should 
be interesting. Come One, Come All.

I know I will see you at noon.

Eve-Lyn, Toastmaster
February 20, 2004

Stay informed on Election 2004 and the race to Super Tuesday. 

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