[Unitedwespeak] dues are coming due!

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Bob, it has been great being part of this group.  I will definitely miss the you all that I have gotten to know.  Being fellow Toastmasters I know our paths will cross again, maybe even in a competition!!!  

Since my relocation to Concord - I have been reviewing the different groups here and have decided to join the Argonauts which meet on Wednesdays at noon.  The ironic part is that my Thursday lunch at United We Speak was usually a Turkey meal from the cafeteria, which I always associated with the speaking club.  Guess what???  This cafeteria serves their Turkey lunch on Wednesdays!!!  The tradition continues!!!

Good luck to you all!  Keep on speaking!  mc

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My fellow Toastmasters,

As many of you may remember, Toastmasters dues are $18 and cover a six month period, either April-September or October-March.  Dues are now due to cover October 2003-March 2004.  Please make out your check for $18 to Team Bank of America, and forward it to Ian Crane, who has kindly agreed to collect these checks, at CA5-522-07-21 by Friday, September 26.  Ian will submit the membership report and one check for the membership.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bob Sipp
United We Speak
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