FW: [Unitedwespeak] reminder notice for United We Speak meeting t his Thursday - Special Event at a special place and time!!!

Crane, Ian ian.crane at bankofamerica.com
Thu Oct 23 12:37:37 PDT 2003

As I understand it, this meeting is today (Thursday Oct 23) - and I hope I
am right, as I am giving a speech, entitled 'An Address to a Joint Meeting
of the Arizona and California State Water Resource Boards'. And I hope it
will not be a dry speech. This is my speech #6, focus 'Keep it simple'.

I hope some of the other Montgomery-based associates will make the trek over
to 1455 Market this lunchtime. Remember the early start to the meeting
(11:30, not noon).

Hope to see you there!
- Ian

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Subject: [Unitedwespeak] reminder notice for United We Speak meeting
this Thursday - Special Event at a special place and time!!!

Fellow Toastmasters:

This week, we have a special JOINT MEETING with Saguaro Speakers.  It will
be held via videoconference on the 8th floor of 1455 Market at 11:30.  

If you need access to the 1455 building, please let me know so that I can
have a pass ready for you.  Also, if you will be using a pass, please arrive
a little early so that we can get you upstairs in time.

We still are trying to fill the following roles:
Word of the Day
Thought of the Day
General Evaluator

If you can fill any of these roles, please let me know.

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