[Unitedwespeak] test speaker wanted

Sipp, Bob Bob.Sipp at bankofamerica.com
Fri Aug 15 11:02:41 PDT 2003

My fellow toastmasters,

Toastmasters International has four contests a year - two in the fall (Evaluation and Humorous) and two in the spring (International and Tall Tales).  One of the requirements of an Evalaution contest is a test speaker.  The test speaker gives a standard 5-7 minute Toastmaster speech, which is then evaluated by the Evaluation contest participants.  Please note that, as you will have a Toastmasters evaluator, you could use this opportunity to complete another speech toward your CTM.

Rhinoceros Business club is having their evaluation contest on Tuesday, August 26, beginning at 6:30.  They are asking around for a test speaker.  This is an excellent club, and they always provide food, so it would be a good experience.  If any one is interested, please get in touch with the contest chair, William Song, at 415-386-0506.  Also let me know.  We may be able to supply some supporters to go with you :)


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