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Tue Aug 5 14:52:43 PDT 2003

Fellow Toastmasters,

We have been invited to participate in the Filipino American 
Arts Festival and Parade this coming Sunday, August 10.  There will be a number of Toastmasters participating.  If anyone is interested in partipating, please rsvp to our District Governor, Shirley Farrell-Cowels at Email:  Zealandab at aol.com

I will not be able to attend, but did not want to exclude the rest of the club if there was interest in attending.


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Subject: TM: Toastmasters on Parade

Hi Team 04:  We have been invited to participate in the Filipino American 
Arts Festival and Parade by Remy Riborozo DTM/PDG.  What a wonderful opportunity 
for all Divisions especially Division D & E.

Date:      August 10, 2003  Sunday morning
Assemble:   10 a.m.    Spear & Market (near Embarcadero) San Francisco
Parade begins at noon but we need to be ready to march so come early
It is one mile and ends at 1:30 p.m.
Starts at Spear & Market streets to 6th then to Mission Street and ends at 
Yerba Buena Gardens. If you have a toastmasters T-shirt wear it or blue or gold 

We would like toastmasters to carry their banners and hand out flyers to 
onlookers. Pass this message on to your club members and make up a group to attend 
or just come.  It is $30 to have a car in the parade and right now I have 
signed up for one.  Anyone have a convertible??  We would like the District 
officers to ride and spread good cheer.  We will decorate with blue and gold 

This is a first for District Four so plan on coming and joining the fun.  We 
may get on TV.  What a wonderful promotion coo!  If you want to have your own 
vehicle then you will need to pay $30. entry.  There is no charge for you 
walking, running or skipping.

Let's all make an effort to join the parade.  Please rsvp to me or Remy 
Riborozo at Email:  Aloharemyrib at hotmail com  or Shirl:  Zealandab at aol.com
It was suggested that some of you might like to meet in a park afterwards.  
Not knowing San Francisco that well I will leave that up to Remy to decide.

If you have any suggestions for promoting this we would like to hear from 
you.  Shirl

P.S. If you no longer hold this office you are invited in any case it is for 
all toastmasters, friends and family.  Go to unsubscribe at the bottom of the 
page if you wish to be removed from the yahoo group and forward  message to 
the new officer.  If you get a repeat of this message it is because I am not  
sure all the yahoo groups are updated yet!

Shirley Farrell-Cowles DTM
District Four Governor 2003-2004
"If you dream it! You can do it!"

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