[OpenCM] Addition of subproject : Problem in reconfigure

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Just "Using" project B under Project A does not change the Release value of
B.  If you would have done a Reconfigure before releasing A, you would have
gotten the same warning and your project B would be empty or gone.

You need to copy the new Release value to all of the objects that are under
your B project by first querying for them and then changing one object and
then using Attribute Copy to copy the release to the rest of them.  Then
all of your objects  will show up if you reconfigure your project A.

Remember your Reconfigure is based on the Baseline which is your last
Release value and then included Tasks.  Project B must still have Release
Y, but project A has a different Release value.  You did not say what
Release value you had for project A.

Dan Martin

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Hi All,

Thanks for support for my previous query

I got one more problem

I'm using Continnus CM v5.1 with UNIX client

I've a project (say A) hierarchy with 5-subprojects under it ( with release
value X)

I migrated one project (say B) and moved it to released state with release

Now I added the project B as subproject of project A  ( I used Use command
to do this)

After making the B as subproject of A , I released the project A.

Then I created new release value and derived new prep project from released
project A

Now, when I'm trying to reconfigue the new prep project, I'm getting
following warning

04/25 11:48:05 Warning:  No candidates found for directory entry
B:project:1.  It will be left empty!.
04/25 11:48:06 Warning!  'B~V1.1_CT:project:1' unused under 'A~6:dir:1' in
project 'A~mohan' - not a candidate.

Hope I made my problem clear.
Waiting for your valuable suggestions

Thanks and Regards,
Mohan _______________________________________________
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