[OpenCM] Error in Reconfigure after changing workarea

Perry, Jennifer L perryj at indy.raytheon.com
Fri May 23 10:59:24 PDT 2003

The subprojects workarea path must be changed as well.  There is a feature
in 6.2, not sure if it is in 5.1.  Open the workarea for the main project,
if the feature is there, there will be a check box "Apply to all
subprojects.  Check that and click OK.  You should see a sync going on for
the subprojects.  If that feature is not there, you will have to change each
subproject workarea by hand.
Good luck

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Subject: [OpenCM] Error in Reconfigure after changing workarea

I'm using Continuus v5.1 and UNIX CCM client 
I've one project which has got 5 sub-projects under it 
I changed the work-area path of the top level project including the

Now, When I'm trying to reconfigure the top level project I'm getting the
following warning , and reconfigure failing 

Project 'XXXXXXX~XXX' membership change not allowed 
Workarea is not visible from this interface or not writable by this user 

Reconcile option is also disabled 

Need your help in this 

Thanks and regards,

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